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Oct 7, 2020 11:00 AM|

Conotoxia lays its cards on the table. The international fintech just revealed the details of its multi-currency card that comes with a dedicated mobile app. To make the excellent start even better, the card is currently issued free of charge. Apart from a physical card, a virtual version is also available.

True multi-currency card

  • Conotoxia describes the product as a card for everyday payments in traditional shops and online, as well as for ATM withdrawals worldwide.
  • Standing up against banking practices, the fintech focuses on the simplicity and transparency of its offer. There are no fixed fees, unexpected costs, complicated contracts, and requirements to be met.
  • The new product enables payments in over 160 currencies wherever Visa cards are accepted.
  • Free accounts in 20 different currencies make it possible to pay without currency conversion — offer almost impossible to find in traditional banks.
  • Customer funds are additionally protected thanks to a unique solution based on two balances. Top-up the currency wallet, where you can exchange currency, then move any amount to the card, and you are good to pay. Not using your card? Move the funds back to the wallet.
  • Two versions are available: physical and virtual. In the beginning, the plastic card is issued for free, while the virtual version is always issued at no cost.
  • An intuitive mobile app backs the multi-currency card for secure management of balances, payment options, and settings.
  • The product is currently available for Cotonoxia users in Poland, with other countries joining the list very soon.

Everything gets better with us

A truly multi-currency payment card with no obligations and unexpected costs — this is how Conotoxia praises the new addition to its impressive product portfolio. The smart debit card can surely help it to rival its global competitors, including traditional and challenger banks. While it enables payments in many currencies, making it the perfect asset for travel or online shopping, the card is mainly a tool for everyday expense management. How is Conotoxia planning to achieve this?

Being a convenient alternative to bank debit cards, the product is free of fixed fees and other unpleasant surprises, such as requiring a minimum number of transactions. Unlike traditional banks, Conotoxia offers the whole package for free: payments in foreign currencies, 20 currency accounts, top-ups and transfer of funds to the currency wallet, withdrawals from ATMs worldwide, and issuing of the card (a limited offer for the plastic card).

Cooperation with the fintech sector is an important element of Visa's strategy. "We have many years of experience in supporting and developing new technologies in the payment sector as well as cooperating with fintechs, both as an investor and a partner, supporting companies in creating innovative solutions. In many ways, Visa can be seen as the first fintech in the world with over 60 years of history of creating payment innovations. We have built a global ecosystem and gathered a lot of experience, which we are now willing to share to help the industry, and companies like Conotoxia, in their further development," comments Sebastian Geldner, Head of Business Development, Central Eastern Europe, Visa.

In many currencies and for everyday payments

There is a reason for calling the card a multi-currency card. It enables payments in over 160 currencies, wherever Visa cards are accepted, and comes with 20 accounts in different currencies to eliminate high exchange costs. The numbers are impressive given that most banks offer accounts in only 3-4 foreign currencies, often with significant monthly fees. Conotoxia users get it for free — without leaving home and without the need for spare bureaucracy. The multi-currency card is currently available for users in Poland, with other countries soon to follow.

"Our product is a perfect mix of capabilities of a payment card with the service of currency exchange at attractive rates. It is our response to complicated banking products with high fees, barbaric conversion costs, and difficult access to security settings," says Piotr Kicinski, Vice-President of, a company belonging to Conotoxia Holding. "The smart payment card is a product for customers looking for a free account and a tool for daily spending. It is also an ideal solution for those paying online and abroad in foreign currencies."

Conotoxia developed a unique money management model where the currency wallet funds are separate from the balance available for card payments. Just move any amount from the wallet to the card — and the top-ups are immediate. This helps increase security and encourages expense control and conscious saving. Customers may instantly move as much money as needed for card payments, keeping the rest in the wallet, where funds are safe if anything happens to the card.

For traditionalists and modern users

The product comes in two versions: physical and virtual. While the virtual card issuance will always be free of charge, the plastic one is also offered at zero cost in the beginning. In addition to payments in traditional shops and on the Internet, the physical card enables withdrawals from ATMs globally. The virtual version may be used for online payments and is active immediately after issuance. The fact that it is impossible to lose gives it even greater security. In the first quarter of 2021, Conotoxia plans to enable adding the card to Google Pay and Apple Pay so the clients could pay in traditional stores using a phone or a smartwatch.

Simultaneously, Conotoxia enables a convenient and intuitive tool to manage the card — a mobile app for Android and iOS, providing a high level of control and transparency. Apart from the apparent features, such as ordering and topping up the card, it allows changing the limits, pin, and card block. If necessary, the cardholder can also decide to turn off cash withdrawals and contactless, foreign, or online payments.

More information about the new product from Conotoxia can be found at

The multi-currency card is offered by Conotoxia Sp. z o.o., with Polish Financial Supervision Authority licence no. 30/2015.

Oct 7, 2020 11:00 AM|

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