Conotoxia introduces its own custom typeface

Oct 1, 2020 9:00 AM|

Following in the footsteps of the world's technological giants, Conotoxia now has its typeface, adding an essential piece of the puzzle to the brand's visual identification.

The Conotoxia font, created especially for the fintech's use, will be adopted on the company's website, mobile apps, and marketing materials. The design process took almost a year. It reflects the brand's personality and distinguishes it from the competitors. Apart from visual branding and image consistency, there are also more down to earth motives to have a custom typeface. Published content must be easy to read, regardless of the language or format.

A club of giants

Conotoxia, a company belonging to Conotoxia Holding, and its Poland-based brand, are known for its fearless and progressive approach. The international brand that continues to conquer new markets now gave its name to a custom font. "We loved the idea to take our branding to the next level with an additional element that highlights our style," explains Piotr Kicinski, Vice-President of A bespoke font has become a must for big technology companies such as Apple, Samsung, Netflix, or Google, and now Conotoxia decided to join this club.

"When building a global brand, we focus on a comprehensive approach to visual image and communication strategy," adds Kicinski. Conotoxia perfectly reflects the character of international fintech. The new typeface is dynamic, fierce, but also clear and user-friendly. For this reason, the letters have sharp edges, representing the determination and energy of Conotoxia, but the construction of the letters remains friendly and modern.

Conotoxia focuses on a multilingual market

Readability, ease of use, and positive user experience are the critical aspects of creating a new typeface. Additionally, to meet the needs of an international brand, Conotoxia needed to be read globally and digitally. As a result, fintech presented a clear, elegant, and dynamic font for any occasion.

The typeface comes in three varieties: Conotoxia, Conotoxia Narrow, and Conotoxia Mono, which form a total of 35 styles. Each of them contains letters from the Latin alphabet with a wide range of language coverage, Cyrillic and its regional variations, and Greek alphabet. There are also clean and straightforward currency symbols, different types of numerals and other advanced Opentype functions.

Check out the new typeface at

Oct 1, 2020 9:00 AM|

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