Mobile authorization at

Sep 18, 2020 9:00 AM|

The new method of user identity authentication is now available for portal clients. With mobile authorization in Conotoxia’s apps, clients can easily confirm performed actions.

Mobile authorization at

Mobile authorization is a convenient alternative to the already available methods, i.e. codes sent via text message or email. The list of actions that require strong customer authentication includes: logging into the account, ordering a payment transaction, adding money transfer recipient, or editing personal data.

How to use mobile authorization?

  • Download one of the mobile apps and log in.
  • Choose mobile authorization as an authorization method in the user panel settings.
  • While performing an action in the portal, you will see details of this operation on your smartphone screen.
  • Confirm the action in the app.

The new authorization method enables immediate confirmation of the operation, without waiting for the text message or email code. This makes the process of logging into the portal easier and faster. It is also safe; actions are always confirmed with the mobile device authenticated by associating it with the account.

Sep 18, 2020 9:00 AM|

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