Currency audit for your company at — see if your business can save on currency exchange

Jul 23, 2020 9:00 AM| enables a unique tool for businesses for a comprehensive analysis of the exchange rates. The currency audit will compare the rate of transactions performed in the past in a bank or other institution with the one provided at that time at

Currency audit at

  • Audit available at will verify whether companies have overpaid on currency exchange in the past.
  • To receive a personalized report, a business representative fills in a website form with the details of past transactions and provides an email address.
  • In addition to the comparison of historical exchange rates, the audit presents charts and an analysis of the currency market with an expert review.
  • representatives encourage checking in detail the conditions of cooperation with a current currency provider.
  • Fintech also plans to launch a subscription service for corporations and other large companies that need a constant cost analysis of executed currency exchange transactions.

A web portal enabling multi-currency financial services focuses on transparency and makes everything crystal clear. An audit that provides enterprises with a comparison of currency exchange rates of their historical transaction will help to optimise transactions costs. The stakes are high. There are significant funds in the pool, which companies probably overpay on simple currency transactions.

How does a currency audit work? A business representative enters the and fills in a convenient form by completing the details of currency exchange transactions performed in the past at's competitors, including currency pair, exchange rate, and execution date. It is enough to provide details concerning one transaction, although, for complete transparency, the portal recommends introducing at least three transactions' details. The analysis can reach even five years back.

There is no need to have an account at to order an audit. Businesses representatives enter an email address and, after a short time, receive a personalized report. The review includes an analysis of historical transactions with the indication of differences between the bank (or another provider) and exchange rate. Apart from the study of the competition, the exchange rate charts and links to currency market reviews for a given period are also provided in the form of currency analyses and an economic calendar.

Companies paying attention to service costs do not have to be users of portal to order an audit. All they have to do to receive a personalized report is to leave an email address. The audit includes an overview of historical transactions with the indication of differences between the exchange rates of a bank or other institution and Apart from the cost analysis, there are also charts and a review of the currency market with an event calendar and analyses written by award-winning analysts of Fintech aims to show the companies a broader context of the changes that take place on financial markets.

"Everyone who orders a currency audit at will receive a free, personalized report of historical transactions. We are not afraid of comparison with our competitors. Trust, honesty and appropriate financial conditions are the basis for long-term and fruitful cooperation with the client," says Piotr Kicinski, Vice-President of, a company belonging to Conotoxia Holding. "We encourage customers to stop assessing the conditions of the exchange only based on guesses. It is worth checking the whole history of cooperation with a currency provider — it is a kind of test," adds Robert Blaszczyk, Head of Strategic Clients Department, responsible for the business relations.

Fintech also plans to launch a subscription service called “Audit PRO”. Constant transactions analysis is a service dedicated to corporations, companies listed on a stock exchange, and global investment funds with currency exposure. The Audit PRO will be fully tailored to the expectations of large institutions. Additionally, detailed records of assets will be available, including futures and options. The module responsible for optimisation signals will use processes of "AI accelerated analytics", developed by the Company’s Data Science Department.

You can order a currency audit for your company at

Jul 23, 2020 9:00 AM|

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