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A brave business idea, a bold and far-reaching vision of future expansion and continuous development of new services have accompanied from its very beginning. The company belonging to Conotoxia Holding was officially established on November 15th, 2010. celebrates 10th anniversary

"Right reactions to market needs, the proper selection of specialists, the use of the state-of-the-art technologies and scientific methods enabled to transform itself in 10 years from a small company providing an online currency exchange service to a global fintech employing several hundred employees. We have gained the rank of the largest private company in Poland, which is confirmed by the annual rankings of the Polish opinion-forming magazine. All that without taking loans and based solely on private capital, represented today by companies from the Conotoxia Holding group," says Marcin Pioro, founder and president of

In the beginning, those repaying loans in the Swiss franc and entrepreneurs

On November 15th, 2010, offered the Poles an online currency exchange. Online financial services in foreign currencies were rare at that time. However, people were quickly impressed by the new method - it saved not only money but also time. was used mainly by those paying off mortgage loans in the Swiss francs because they could count on more favourable rates than in banks. The owners of companies engaged in international transport, export and import were also pleased with the service.

The company quickly conquered the market and users' trust not only through favourable exchange rates. High-security standards, speed and operational reliability of transactions were brought together with other novelties on offer.

Transformation from online currency exchange service into a financial services portal

A growing team of employees – IT specialists and managers – continued to develop social transactions, mobile version of the site, applications, currency alerts, standing orders, as well as range of currencies or improvements for business customers.

The idea pursued by Marcin Pioro, founder and president of, went far beyond just a strong position on the online currency exchange market in Poland. By concluding a spectacular sponsorship agreement in 2015 with NBA team Chicago Bulls, one of the most famous sports brands in the world, the company presented its international brand – Conotoxia. That was a strong promise of global expansion.

However, did not neglect the domestic market. The offer for clients was successively extended by transactions on the Forex market in 2017, international money transfers or online payment system Conotoxia Pay in 2018. A year later, the company introduced a multi-currency lending service. The RegTech platform supporting business clients in the area of anti-money laundering and terrorist financing became available as well.

Such a bundle of services ended the era of online currency exchange office and opened the phase of web portals – and The latter can be used by clients in 30 European countries.

Sport in our soul and presence on the silver screen

"We highly appreciate the values characteristic of sport: fair competition, self-improvement or team play. Sport is an inspiration for us. However, we cannot forget about the market benefits, which come from cooperation with our partners," adds Marcin Pioro.

To date, has sponsored, among others, the football and basketball team of Poland, clubs of our Ekstraklasa - the top Polish professional league (Jagiellonia Białystok, Cracovia, Ruch Chorzów, Pogoń Szczecin, Zagłębie Lubin), speedway team Falubaz Zielona Góra or basketball team Stelmet BC Zielona Góra. and also cooperate with well-known international brands. Not only Chicago Bulls, but also the national football team of Wales and the Czech Republic. Previously, Polish fintech sponsored sports events like, among others, the U-20 World Cup and the U-21 European Championship.

Ideas to reach new audiences led also to the most famous Hollywood film studios. Cinema lovers around the world could see the Conotoxia brand while watching great super productions about the adventures of Terminator, Spiderman or the legendary boxer named Rocky. Fintech also showed up on the Polish market, e.g. in Patryk Vega's film "Politics".

Conotoxia’s American dream

However, entering the European market did not satisfy the ambitions of the company's founder. The plans went much further - right across the pond. Year after year, the preparation and completion of licenses to start a strategic operation took place. On December 18th, 2019, Conotoxia entered the American market.

"The launch of the Money Transfer service in the United States crowned our several years of efforts, but at the same time, it was a signal that we have the appetite for more. Our service has already been successful in Europe. I was and am still convinced that in the competitive American market, although dominated by industry giants, there is also a place for such a brave brand as Conotoxia," says Marcin Pioro.

Present for 10th birthday

In October, the company included in its offer a multi-currency card with access to over 160 currencies. The new product quickly gained popularity.

"Today we would like to thank all our customers. By listening to their opinions, we are constantly changing, developing, improving our services. This kind of customers' trust is the biggest birthday present for us. We can promise that our brand will continue to expand and introduce the products that they expect," adds Pioro.



What should one know about the main services of



  • Multi-currency cards are available in two versions: virtual and plastic. They can be used wherever Visa payments are accepted. The card user does not pay anything for maintaining the account, and there are no transaction limits. Users can use over 160 currencies at favourable rates, withdraw cash from ATMs worldwide and top up the card with funds from their currency wallets in 1 second. More:
  • Online currency exchange is supported by standing orders, currency alerts and direct debits. Customers can download the mobile app designed for Android and iOS systems, and easily exchange funds between 28 currencies on offer, including euro, dollars, pounds, francs, but also South African rands, United Arab Emirates dirham, yen, rubles or Thai bahts. More:
  • Created in-house payment system Conotoxia Pay enables users to pay for their online purchases in different currencies, also using the Pay later function. More:
  • Money transfers at can be sent to the recipient's account number, but also their phone number or email address. More:
  • clients interested in trading on the Forex market have two trading platforms to choose from - MT4 and cTrader. They can use educational materials free-of-charge like eBooks, tutorials, webinars or daily analyses. The service provider offers a wide range of currency pairs, commodities, indices and cryptocurrencies. More:
  • At you can take out a quick loan using the Internet. Filling in the application does not take more than a few minutes. The client simply adjusts the amount and repayment time to their needs and preferences and chooses the currency in which they want to borrow money. More:
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