The Bulls will play against Orlando Magic. The next NBA matches this weekend

Oct 30, 2015 6:19 PM|

An exciting weekend awaits the basketball fans. After a very successful start of the season, the expectations of the Bulls' fans are increasing. No wonder, since after two matches played in good style the Chicago Bulls players gathered a full set of points.

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Tonight the team from Chicago will face a strong squad of Detroit Pistons in an away game. Additionally on Sunday they will play a home against Orlando Magic.

There were a lot of opinions before this season that Chicago Bulls need time to improve their team. They were led by a new coach, who completely changed their game style. Even though there were not many squad changes, it was difficult to point out the players that could lead the Bulls to victories. Derrick Rose seemed to be a natural leader. However, before the season started, he had a serious injury and questions were raised regarding his condition. In the opening matches for the regular season, Rose played wearing a special mask. It didn't have a negative impact on his game. In matches against Cleveland Cavaliers and Brooklyn Nets, he scored 33 points. His performance was better and better with every minute. Thus, the fans hope that his shape will soon be close to the one from 2011, when he was chosen the MVP the season. Time should work to the advantage of not only this player, but the whole team.

Pau Gasol also did not work with the team during the preparation period. This player won the European Championship with Spanish national team and was also chosen the MVP of the tournament. However, it affected his shape during the league's opening at the United Center. He scored only 2 points against the Cavaliers. If he did not block the opponent in the last seconds of the game and guaranteed the Bulls a two-point victory, his appearance would be practically meaningless. However, in the next meeting we could watch Gasol as one of the team's most important players. In a game against the Brooklyn Nets his game was effective in defence, as well as in the attack. He scored 16 points and had 9 collections.

Jimmy Butler is also in a good shape. Signing a superstar contract with the Bulls apparently helped him to focus more on the trainings. In a recent match he scored 24 points. Nikola Mirotić has also good statistics. In two recent matches he scored the total of 37 points and had 9 collections.

According to the bookies, the Bulls are not the favourites of the away game against the Detroit Pistons. The opponents have already won two games. In this case, the substitute players should be a key to the victory. If the coach makes effective changes in the line up, the points achieved by the substitutes can decide about the final result. The Sunday game also seems promising. The match will start at 1.00 am of Polish time. Chicago Bulls will face the Orlando Magic in a home game. The season did not start for this team as their fans would wish to. The opponents will most likely set the bar high. This may guarantee the emotions until the end. in the Bulls' family

The new season is crucial for the Polish fans who follow the NBA games, especially the ones of Chicago Bulls. For the first time in history, a company from Poland became the club's partner. It has never happened before that a logo of a private European company was exposed during the Bulls' games, played in the legendary United Center. During that game in the United Center, the brand will be visible to approximately 93 million fans all over the world.

In the beginning of October, the company announced the signing of a seven-year-long sponsorship contract. The event was broadcast by the most important Polish TV stations and had more than a hundred invited guests. Among them, were the players of the Bulls' championship team from the 90s: Toni Kukoč and John Paxson. The former Polish presidents: Lech Walesa and Bronislaw Komorowski were the guests of this press conference. Moreover, there were also the diplomats, including Polish Ambassador in the United States Ryszard Schnepf and the General Consul of Poland in Chicago Paulina Kapuścińska. The business world, among others, was represented by the representatives of Polish American Chamber of Commerce.

The first season of cooperation between and Chicago Bulls is even more important as the team celebrates its 50th anniversary. There will be many attractions for the fans. The central point of celebrations are six episodes of ‘The Decade Nights’. Once a month, the team will make a retrospection of particular decade of its history. The events will occur during selected matches at the United Center. The presentations will also include six limited edition commemorative giveaways and themed halftime performances made by performers representing that era.

The fans can join the celebrations by sharing their memories about the team on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram using #Bulls50. Their stories will be gathered and published on a new website ‘50 Years of Fans’.

Watch the Chicago Bulls vs Orlando Magic game free

You can watch the matches on Currently the NBA offers a free trial period. The promotion is available until November 5th. It ends in the morning of this day. Until then, every basketball fan can watch the games of his favourite team for free. After November 5th the access to the broadcast will require payment. In order to avoid paying, all you have to do is to delete the data of the card you provided from the system.

One game costs approximately 23 PLN and the access to the whole season – 600 PLN.

Oct 30, 2015 6:19 PM|

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