Tonight NBA fans won't sleep. The 70th regular season of the best basketball league in the world starts

Oct 27, 2015 2:54 PM|

One of the two halls where the league will be started is the United Center in Chicago. It is tonight when we will find out how one of the most famous sports teams in the world, the Chicago Bulls, will start their season.

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Tonight NBA fans won't sleep a wink. At 1:00am (7:00pm in Chicago) the strongest and most famous basketball league in the world will return. The opening night will take place simultaneously in two halls. Atlanta Hawks will challenge Detroit Pistons in a home game and Chicago Bulls will play against the Cleveland Cavaliers. The second game seems to be a particularly promising, close game. The popular team of the Bulls will try to defeat the team led by the Cavaliers' star LeBron James. According to the bookies, the Chicago Bulls are a slight favourite.

This is a break-through season for the Poles following the games of the NBA - particulary the Chicago Bulls. For the first time ever, a company from Poland has become a partner of the team, which signed a 7-year-contract with the online currency exchange company

Stable line-up and a new broom syndrome

This summer didn't shake things up too much for the Bulls. The only player who left is Nazr Mohammed, who played as a center. The transfer of Bobby Portis seems to be promising as during the pre-season games his performance was exceptionally good. This season, a new hope for the team is Jimmy Butler, who recently prolonged his contract by 5 years. Thanks to this, he will earn 90 mln PLN. The fans of the team from the Wind City are also counting on Pau Gasol. He was one of the most important players who helped Spain win the European Championship this September.

However, the great unknown is the shape of Derrick Rose. The popular point guard strives to return to his form from 2011, when he was titled MVP of the season. Additionally, on the first day of the pre-season games he was injured. The contusion proved to be very serious, but we should see the player during an opening night. Due to an eye-socket fracture, he will play wearing a special mask.

An interesting fact, the coach of the team has also changed. The former trainer, Tom Thibodeau was replaced by Fred Hoiberg. He assured fans that the team under his lead will play faster, more efficiently and more effectively. Will a new broom syndrome work? We'll find out tonight.

Oct 27, 2015 2:54 PM|

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