We share a common concern with our clients about the safety of their transactions. For this reason, maintaining a high standard in this area is a priority for Conotoxia Holding Group.

Transaction security is our priority

We prioritise the protection of your assets and data, which is why we take care of the security of our systems and apps in accordance with current guidelines.

Cashless online transfers

To eliminate risks related to using cash, all of our transactions are carried out with the use of electronic transfers from bank accounts.

Encrypted connections

Your data is transmitted through encrypted connections that are in accordance with current IETF and PCI DSS recommendations.

Trusted app

Our apps are tested and developed to recognised safety standards: OWASP Top 10 and OWASP ASVS.

Independent tests

Our systems undergo regular compliance verification using PCI DSS requirements and are confirmed with certification.

Data protection

We comply with data protection regulations. We are strict about our compliance with the standards applicable to financial institutions. Find out more

User trust

We examine the needs and satisfaction of our users. Our services are adapted to their requirements. We have already collected more than half a million positive comments from our customers.


The companies from the Conotoxia Holding Group provide financial services based on the required licences and are subject to supervision by regulators.

International standards

Our credibility is confirmed by the positive opinions of renowned auditors, including the international consulting firm KPMG. Find out more

Transaction security standards


We actively counteract money laundering and terrorist financing.

Fraud Awareness

Find out what you can do to safely use payment services on the Internet and effectively protect yourself from threats.

Counteracting terrorist financing

We continuously monitor all transactions and cooperate with the relevant institutions.

Personal data and GDPR

What kind of personal data do we collect? What is it used for? How do we store your personal data?

Safety of payment cards

Learn more about secure use of payment cards.

Strong customer authentication (SCA)

Strong authentication increases the security of your account.

Report fraud

If you have suspicions that you have been subject to fraud, contact us. Report immediately if your data or money has been fraudulently obtained. We will take immediate action.

Report here

Chargeback forms

Do you want to report irregularities in a card payment transaction? Download and fill out one of the Chargeback forms provided below and attach it to your user profile in "Your data" tab.

See the forms