Conotoxia on the path towards global business expansion

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The payment service system for e-commerce, payment accounts, mass transfers - the web portal found at and provides business customers with a far wider offer. "We have created a whole ecosystem of complementary services, which facilitate business development for entrepreneurs", says Robert Blaszczyk, Head of Strategic Clients Department.

Conotoxia on the path towards global business expansion

When in 2010, a company belonging to Conotoxia Holding, launched an online currency exchange, it quickly gained popularity among individual clients and business owners.

Today, when choosing Conotoxia offer, entrepreneurs can count on the dedicated service of personal consultants, but also the whole range of services and facilities created exclusively for business partners.

Alerts and orders, audit, Conotoxia Collect, Conotoxia Pay, mass transfers, RegTech...

Within the standard service, fintech offers an extensive variety of currencies (28 currencies from all over the world) and favourable exchange rates as well as: standing orders, direct debits and text alerts, as well as currency orders. These tools directly support currency exchange. For example, the customer determines an acceptable exchange rate, and when this rate is reached, the transaction is automatically executed.

On the other hand, Currency audit is a unique and highly useful tool for companies that are striving to optimize their activity on the currency market. It allows comparing the rates of transactions performed in the past, e.g. in a bank or other online exchange office with the real-time rates of Conotoxia at the same time. Thanks to this, entrepreneurs can see whether they are overpaying when exchanging currencies. Moreover, personalized reports show the scale of lost benefits, among other things.

In turn, Conotoxia Collect enables international companies and corporations to integrate inflows from business partners from different countries. The advantages of this service include unified flows and favourable rates for the execution of money transfers, making it easier for companies to manage their finances. With Conotoxia Collect, the company's income is credited to its payment accounts in the Conotoxia portal. Then the company manages them in a clear, intuitive panel. It can, for example, make a currency conversion or order transfers to its contractors' accounts.

Conotoxia Pay, meaning a multi-currency payment system, has been prepared for entrepreneurs operating in the e-commerce industry. "We believe our role is to support companies in their foreign expansion", explains Robert Blaszczyk, Head of Strategic Clients Department at "Thanks to Conotoxia Pay, owners of online stores can accept payments according to methods popular on a given market", he adds. The system's offer includes the "pay later" function, often used by customers. Additionally, it is worth noting that the system is easy to integrate with the store's software.

Mass transfers are another benefit on Conotoxia's offer for business customers. As the name suggests, they are used to execute many transactions simultaneously. In this way, companies can pay cyclically in different currencies for goods or services, or transfer salaries to their employees. The automation of the process reduces possible mistakes when entering data manually. The service, helping to save time and money, is the essence of what entrepreneurs expect. Also, Conotoxia offers them the possibility of individual software and reports prepared in an international standard.

RegTech - under this name, Conotoxia provides a solution dedicated to the fight against financial crime. The owners of companies armed with RegTech gain advanced algorithms useful for fraud detection, risk assessment, and transaction monitoring and a guarantee of meeting the EU directives in this area.

As part of the service (Regulatory Technology), fintech also offers the possibility of adapting the interface and parameters to users' needs.

Conotoxia on the path towards global business expansion

What do entrepreneurs say?

"Specialized tools complement our main services: currency exchange, international money transfers and e-commerce payments. By linking them together, they create a specific ecosystem in which international companies can flourish", explains Robert Blaszczyk. "Our Strategic Client Department is an interactive platform where we exchange views or expectations with our clients regarding the services. We regularly ask clients to evaluate our work".

The surveys show that entrepreneurs appreciate the possibility of concluding transactions at 24/7. Currency orders and alerts are also very important for them. Business partners' clients quite unanimously assessed that they use our services due to attractive exchange rates, which allows them to optimize foreign transactions' costs.

But it is not all that matters. "It turned out that the possibility to contact a personal consultant proved to be very important for our clients, and we are the only fintech company that provides every entrepreneur with this opportunity. We want to support our clients on foreign markets in a real way", adds Robert Blaszczyk.

Feb 10, 2021 10:00 AM|

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