shares Glassware for Google Glass™

Oct 27, 2014 6:55 PM| is one of the first financial companies in the world to develop the Glassware for Glass™. Up-to-date rates are now within reach.

PDF Download (151.1 kB) is one of the first financial companies in the world to develop Glassware for Glass™. Up-to-date exchange rates are now within reach. Currency is a part of a very dynamic financial world. The Glassware developed by allows clients to keep constantly up-to-date with this ever changing and ever developing sphere. The rates of the four most heavily traded currency pairs in Poland (CHF/PLN, EUR/PLN, GBP/PLN and USD/PLN) can be closely and easily followed. Colour coded information allows a specific currency rate's movement to be effortlessly observed. The rates are live and refreshed every 15 seconds. is currently working on introducing more features, such as more currency pairs, the currency converter, andcurrency rate charts.

One of the first goals of was to apply state-of-art technological solutions to currency exchange. Introducing for Glass™ is yet another step of this longterm strategy - said Kamil Sahaj, Marketing Manager.

Oct 27, 2014 6:55 PM|

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