sued Currency One S.A.

Jun 11, 2014 1:12 PM|

In October 2013 sued Currency One S.A., the owner of web portals and, over the infringement of the right for trademark protection, rights to the company and committing an act of unfair competition.

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The plea concerns the use of word sings "" and "cinkciarz" by Currency One S.A. as keywords in positioning its own and competitive to web portals, offering online currency exchange, as a part of the campaign of payable links in Google search engine. The lawsuit seeks Currency One S.A. stopping these actions, as well as paying 80.000 PLN to the social cause indicated by, which is a form of repression toward acts of unfair competition provided for by law. Currently both parties await setting the date of the first hearing.

Before the lawsuit has been filed, the court had imposed on Currency One S.A. the final and judicial ban on using the word sings "" and "cinkciarz" as keywords in AdWords campaign, which are displayed on Google sites and other websites displaying Google advertisements, as well as the content of such advertisements. Such actions were forbidden for's competitor for the time being of the lawsuit since October 9, 2013. Unfortunately, has been forced to take steps towards judicial enforcement of abiding the ban by Currency One S.A. due to reasonable suspicion of breaking said ban in May 2014.

Irrespectively of the matter described above, the date of the hearing of summoning to compromise has been set in July, which was filed by calling Currency One S.A. to pay the compensation regarding the infringement described above in the amount of 500.000 PLN. The amounts claimed in both cases do not exhaust claims towards Currency One S.A. concerning the practices affecting the interests of

Jun 11, 2014 1:12 PM|

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