currency rates on LG Smart TV

Aug 4, 2015 1:53 PM|

An app developed to LG television sets created by a popular currency exchange platform is yet another product dedicated for Smart TV. The software is already available at LG SmartWorld.

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The app enables to follow the exchange rates of 24 currencies available in the offer. Its clients can also use the currency converter in order to calculate the amount of planned transactions. The software also allows to have an easy access to video manuals. The movie clips guide the clients through all stages of using, e.g. how to generate the new password or add new bank accounts. These short videos are available on the company website.

The 'News' tab allows users to find information regarding the current offer of and announcements for its customers. The app also contains the basic information regarding the company and allows to access to the daily analysis by its currency experts. These commentaries, updated several times per day, concern the current events regarding economy and key events on the world markets.

The new app of is available via the LG SmartWorld platform. Its installation takes only a few seconds. All tabs have been designed precisely, thanks to its user-friendly interface which allows to use of its functions intuitively.

The app for LG television sets is yet another piece of software developed by for Smart TV. Since 2013 offers its app to the users of Samsung television sets. The online currency exchange company is one of the first financial companies worldwide to develop its own app for Google Glass™. is also the first Polish currency exchange company to develop an app for Android Wear.

The manual for installing for LG Smart TV

Aug 4, 2015 1:53 PM|

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