Conotoxia enables its super app for Apple devices

Jan 26, 2022 9:30 AM|

Fintech introduces a multi-currency super app Conotoxia for iOS users. Its version for Android devices was released in November 2021. The super app, which brings together financial services of several apps to date, allows users to track currency and cryptocurrency exchange rates, exchange currencies, send money transfers, manage multi-currency cards and accept BLIK payments on their smartphone - all within a single app.

Conotoxia enables its super app for Apple devices

Now, individual and business users of Conotoxia, who own iOS devices, have at their disposal a single app in the App Store, which incorporates the functions of several fintech apps used so far: live currency and cryptocurrency exchange rates, currency conversion, money transfers and multi-currency cards. The Conotoxia app also enables the JustGrab service, which accepts BLIK payments on a smartphone.

Since November 2021, the app has been offered to Android device owners. Conotoxia app replaces the Currency Exchange app, which the super app will automatically replace with the next updates. The other existing fintech apps will coexist with it only in a transitional stage and will soon cease to exist.

More information about Conotoxia super app can be found at

Services available in the Conotoxia app are provided by companies belonging to Conotoxia Holding.

Jan 26, 2022 9:30 AM|

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