Conotoxia releases super app

Nov 16, 2021 10:30 AM|

Fintech unveils a multi-currency super app called Conotoxia that integrates the existing financial services from several apps. It allows users to track exchange rates and cryptocurrencies, exchange currencies, send money transfers, use multi-currency cards, and accept BLIK payments on a smartphone - all in one place.

Conotoxia releases super app

As promised, Conotoxia users can now use one app that includes the functions of several existing fintech apps: up-to-date exchange rates and cryptocurrencies, currency exchange, money transfers and multi-currency cards. The super app also enables the JustGrab service, which accepts BLIK payments on a smartphone.

Conotoxia is the replacement of the Currency Exchange app, which a super app will automatically replace in future updates. Initially, it is available for Android devices. Soon, it will also appear in the App Store for iOS users. Customers eager to try it out have had the opportunity to be the first to use the app in beta version and give their feedback.

"Our super app, Conotoxia, is the answer to the needs of our users. They want to be able to manage their finances quickly and conveniently in one single place. We keep improving our multi-currency products and services to make them both up-to-date and functional, but above all, user-friendly. We are implementing our plan to achieve a leading position among non-bank multi-currency service providers in Europe and in the future, across the pond," says Tomasz Wartalski, Chief Innovation Officer at, a company belonging to Conotoxia Holding.

More information about Conotoxia super app can be found at

Services available in the Conotoxia app are provided by companies belonging to Conotoxia Holding.

Nov 16, 2021 10:30 AM|

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