Visit Germany, Poland and Czech Republic for just 25 PLN? It’s possible. [GUIDE]

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Have no money or any ideas for your holiday trip? Thanks to the EURO-NYSA one-day ticket, you can travel by train, bus or public transport around three countries (Poland, Germany and Czech Republic) for 25 PLN.

Góry Izerskie

The Nysa Euroregion consists of the border areas of Poland, Germany and Czech Republic. The local authorities of this region have been striving to integrate their areas, as well as their communities since the moment these countries became members of the European Union. The EURO-NYSA ticket is the perfect tool to achieve this goal. It enables anybody to travel by public transport, bus or train around three of these countries for just 25 PLN. This is a great opportunity for people who wish to visit a neighboring country for shopping or sightseeing.

What does the ticket include?

The EURO-NYSA one-day ticket allows you to travel by train, public transport and bus around the entire ZVON region in Germany (the regions consists of Bautzen and Görlitz counties.) In Czech Republic, it allows you travel by Liberec – Horni Hanychov – Jested cableway, express trains, public transport in the every region’s cities and by bus. In Poland, you can travel via these routes: Wrocław - Harrachov (through Wałbrzych and Szklarska Poręba), Jelenia Góra - Zebrzydowa, Węgliniec - Lubań Śląski, Jelenia Góra - Zgorzelec, Wrocław - Görlitz (through Legnica and Zgorzelec) and Zielona Góra - Węgliniec. The ticket also gives you access to PKS Bolesławiec, PKS Tour Jelenia Góra, PKS Voyager and F.H.U. Bielawa, as well as public transport in Bolesławiec, Jelenia Góra and Zgorzelec.

The EURO-NYSA tickets can be bought from carriers who offer the above mentioned routes. They need to be bought no later than two days before travel and they are valid until 4.00 AM the following day. Normally it costs 25 PLN, but a group of five people would only pay 75 PLN. You can also buy an additional bicycle ticket for 10 PLN. Children up to six years can travel for free, as long as they are accompanied by an adult ticket holder.

A detailed time-table and places where you can buy tickets can be found at the ZVON website.

Interesting places

Liberec should be your main destination in Czech Republic. Places there that are worth seeing are not only the multiple historical monuments, but also a ski-resort and two popular aquatic parks. It’s also worth visiting Harrachov – a very popular ski-resort in the Giant Mountains. This place is mostly famous for its eight ski-jumps. The largest one is 185 m.a.s.l. high. There is also a ski-route which is 7km long. Another popular place is the museum of glassmaking with its monumental chapel.

Tourist attractions in Germany include the dinosaur park, the garden labyrinth and the miniature park. They are all located in the town of Kleinwelka. Other popular destinations are the aqua park in Krauschwitz or Bärwalder See lake, which is located near the Polish border. You should also visit Görlitz. This city did not suffer much during World War II. Therefore, it contains many historical monuments. Moreover, it’s a very good place for shopping.

Poland is also full of interesting places that you can see when purchasing a EURO-NYSA ticket. It’s definitely worth visiting Bolesławiec, known as the city of pottery. This place is famous for the Days of Pottery, which take place every year in August. The main attractions of Bolesławiec are the pottery museum, one of the longest stone railway overpasses in Europe and the medieval battlements. Another attractive place is Jelenia Góra. The town is located in Jelenia Góra Valley and is surrounded by Jizera Mountains, Kaczawskie Mountains and Giant Mountains.

Group trips

The EURO-NYSA ticket allows you to save even more money when you’re traveling as a group. - One ticket for five people costs 75 PLN, which only gives you 15 PLN per person. This is a nice motivation to go shopping to Liberec or Görlitz, or visit Harrachov with your friends. The ticket is also profitable when you want to visit Lower Silesia. Transport to Jelenia Góra would cost you 15 PLN and you can travel by public transport for free. This gives you approximately 30 PLN of savings – said Marcin, who lives in Bolesławiec.

Currency exchange

As for the topic of currency, you will need the euro in Germany and the Czech krona in Czech Republic. It may appear unprofitable to exchange currency abroad or in stationary currency exchange offices in Poland. Therefore, it’s worth checking out online currency exchange offers. One of the most popular,, offers twenty-four currencies, including the euro and the Czech krona. For example, if you decide to buy 200 euro and 2.200 kronas, you would save approximately 68 PLN in comparison to exchange rates offered by banks.*

* - Currency exchange rates as given by on 26.07.2016

Oct 7, 2016 12:55 PM|

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