The most interesting destinations for holiday trips

May 12, 2015 11:55 AM|

The rate of the euro is at its lowest in years. As a result, holidays in many European countries should be cheaper than last year, by even a few percent. If the purchasing power of the Polish currency is the determining factor for our travels, Europe is definitely the best choice. Where else is it worth going on holiday? Marcin Lipka, currency analyst of, provides you with some propositions.

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The euro rate hasn't been so low for almost four years. This results in holidays in many European countries to be cheaper by a few percent. If we additionally consider the fact that according to GUS the salaries of Polish companies has increased recently by 5 percent. There was also barely any inflation in the eurozone. As a result, a holiday in Spain or in Portugal can be cheaper for Polish tourists by even 10 percent.

We will also pay less for travelling to Scandinavia, however, it will not be inexpensive. Decreases of oil prices and the policy of the Swedish central bank, have caused the Norwegian krona to lose over 3 percent in relation to the zloty, and the Swedish currency – almost 5 percent.

If you would like to spend your vacation in central Europe, you're also in for some good news. Going to rest there, should also generate a few percent of savings for your holiday budget. The Czech krona lost 3 percent in relation to the zloty, and the Bulgarian lev or Romanian leu – almost four percent. Unfortunately, you will pay the same amount of money as last year, for visiting Hungary. The forint has barely changed its value in relation to the zloty.

There is also good news for fans of the Croatian seaside resorts. The kuna lost 3 percent in relation to the zloty. You should also theoretically pay less for visiting Turkey. However, considering this country's inflation on a level of over 7 percent, even though the lira is cheaper by 6 percent, it will not give savings due to the increase of prices.

Maybe in the East?

If somebody doesn't mind the political matters, and is not afraid of the unstable situation in the East of Europe, a vacation in Russia or Ukraine is worth considering. However, it is also worth noticing that the rouble, as well the hryvnia, have managed to survive the worst. Of course both currencies wore off this year by respectively 19 and 31 percent, but due to high inflation the prices of some goods and services can be higher than last year.

Holiday offers on Crimea also don't seem to be as much of a bargain. Surely we will find some good deals in private lodgings, but one out of three star hotels in Sevastopol charges 400 hundred zloty per day. This amount of money can get us comfortable accommodation in the area of Nice, Barcelona or Valencia.

Unfortunately, trips to Asia will be much more expensive. A walk along the Great Chinese Wall or the Forbidden City will cost us approximately 15 percent more than last year. It's a result of clear enforcement of the yuan in relation to the zloty. The situation looks similar in Thailand. The baht has gained 13 percent in relation to the Polish currency. Only the Japanese yen has slightly lost to the zloty.

Latin America

Currencies of the countries from South or Central America, are closely related with the dollar. The problems of the local economies, which are causing an increase in its value, don’t mean that holidays there have to cost more. Brazil is a good example. The real lost 12 percent in its relation to the zloty, and despite the inflation on the level of 8 percent, holidays on the beaches of Rio are cheaper than last year.

We will also pay less for the Mexican peso. Unfortunately, considering the inflation, and the fact that a lot of foreign hotels set their price lists mainly in dollars, vacation by the Caribbean Sea or the Pacific Ocean will probably be more expensive than last year.

Europe wins

If the purchasing power of the Polish zloty will determine the destination of our travel, Europe is our definite winner. Almost all countries on our continent provide a cheaper holiday than one year ago.

It is also worth remembering, that thanks to the offers of cheap airlines and many discounts offered by national transporters, reaching even the most distant places in Europe can become cheaper than driving to the Baltic Sea. A similar situation concerns also the Spanish, Portuguese or Italian hotels. They encourage tourists with low prices, especially before the opening of the holiday season.

May 12, 2015 11:55 AM|

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