Sep 14, 2016 9:41 AM| is strengthening its cooperation with the Department of Computer Science, Electrical and Control Engineering of University of Zielona Góra. The company not only wishes to convey its equipment for students and guarantee them space for practical trainings, but also share its valuable experience.

Marcin Mrugalski, prof. UZ has been actively cooperating with the Department of Computer Science, Electrical and Control Engineering of University of Zielona Góra (WIEA) for many months. Many attractive events were organized with participation of Geek Club, which is an organization of programming enthusiasts. Last academic year, approximately 200 people gathered at the University of Zielona Góra to watch live transmission of the Google I/O conference. Moreover, more than 100 enthusiasts of new technologies have watched the Facebook F8 conference. The cooperation between the Department and has made it possible for Zielona Góra to join 30 cities worldwide that were allowed to participate in this event online. But further common actions are yet to come. and the WIEA will continue to organize this kind of meetings, which will include people of Geek Club, as well as JUG.

The new project assumes that the company's representatives would develop the cooperation in scope of teaching, as well as practical trainings. The assumes activities include lectures within specializations of IT and electronic business. - We want students not only to know academic theory, but also to solve engineering problems that occur within the company. These problems regard software design and software development, for example – announced Piotr Kiciński, vice-chairman of the Board. not only will conduct the number of lectures, but it's also possible that the later stage of cooperation would include laboratory classes. The cooperation will also occur regarding the activity of science clubs. The company is prepared to convey its equipment for the purposes of practical trainings. will equip places that allow to design applications that are dedicated for mobile devices. Developer places will be prepared and they will be equipped in computers, tablets, smartphones and smartwatches.

Apart from conveying the equipment, the company will also second their experienced employees to support students in their projects. Students will be trained by the company's senior developers, as well as project managers. Topics will be inspired by actual needs of

- It's motivating for students to hear an opinion from an expert of a large company, who deals in implementing specific solutions everyday. This kind of interaction is valuable for students, because it gives them a larger awareness of the practical use of theories that they learn about in classes. Learning by examples is the best way of learning – explained Professor Marcin Mrugalski, dean of the WIEA.

The company has also created the program of practical training for students. During this summer, many students have gained experience within the company's IT department. They had an opportunity in works related to testing and developing software. Most of them have extended their internship and signed contracts that are adjusted to their time abilities. New interns will join the team soon. - Thanks to this cooperation, students increase their chances for finding an attractive job after they finish studies, or even during this period. Many current employees are graduates of the WIEA – added Piotr Kiciński.

Sep 14, 2016 9:41 AM|

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