Former New York Stock Exchange Executive announced as CEO of Conotoxia Inc.

Nov 16, 2016 8:43 AM|

Conotoxia Inc, a North American subsidiary of the Cinkciarz Group - one of the European leaders in the online currency exchange market - which is anticipating offering innovative money transfer services to its American customers, announced the appointment of Paul Finnegan as Chief Executive Officer.

Paul Finnegan

Mr. Finnegan began his career at the Chicago Board Options Exchange. His background includes: Director of International Business Development for the CBOE, Managing Director of Marketing for the Chicago Board of Trade, Director of Retail Derivatives with E*Trade Financial, Senior Vice President for NYSE Euronext and Co-CEO of the NYSE Arca Options Exchange, Chief Executive Officer for Livevol Inc., and Chief Executive Officer for TradingBlock/MoneyBlock.

“Cinkciarz is enthusiastic about introducing innovative financial services into the U.S. market. We are confident that Mr. Finnegan’s tremendous technology and financial services background will help us in the next stage of our activity’s development” - comments Marcin Pióro, owner of both Cinkciarz and Conotoxia Inc.

“I am extremely optimistic about the prospects and opportunities of launching innovative money transfer services within North America through Conotoxia. Based upon the success of the Cinkciarz brand in Europe, Conotoxia Inc has an unparalleled opportunity to utilize its technology and expertise to launch its services in the United States. We have a number of key competitive advantages that specifically differentiate us from other money transfer providers and the future looks promising for our business model” - said Mr. Finnegan.

Nov 16, 2016 8:43 AM|

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