Fairy tale escapade

Jan 3, 2017 7:55 AM|Conotoxia.com

The Town Musicians of Bremen, Little Red Riding Hood, Snow White and many other characters from Grimm’s fairy tales have appeared in our world. Your childhood heroes can be found in Germany on The Fairy Tale Route. Find out how to get there and not overpay when you do.

Muzykanci z Bremy

Grimms’ fairy tales have been known worldwide for many generations. The unique route, known in German as the Deutsche Märchen Straße, was established in 1975 in order to celebrate these German writers. The route consists of places related to the lives, and fairy tales, of Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm. The Deutsche Märchen Straße begins in Hanau, which is the Grimms’ hometown, and ends in Bremen, which is the city that the infamous fairy tale musicians (a rooster, a cat, a dog and a donkey) were trying to get to.

Interesting museums

The route is 600 kilometers long and involves museums with its other numerous attractions. The city of Kassel has a museum dedicated to the life and legacy of the Brothers Grimm. This is located within picturesque scenery and contains many exhibits. Among these exhibits, you can find the original manuscript of the first issue of Brother Grimm’s Children's and Household Tales. Interestingly enough, this manuscript is on the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Jacob and Wilhelm also have ties to the city of Alsfeld. There, you can visit one of the most enchanted points on the route, which is the Fairy Tale House. This place contains exhibitions dedicated to the characters from Grimm’s fairy tales. You can meet Little Red Riding Hood or Snow White and the seven dwarfs here. The Fairy Tale House not only gives you the opportunity to see interesting exhibits, but also the ability of listening to their adventures. The reading of Brother Grimm’s Children's and Household Tales is one of the main attractions of this place. Moreover, every museum of the Fairy Tale Route is created in a way which will not bore even its youngest visitors. These museums are usually located in palaces, castles and other historical buildings. However, if you think that the Deutsche Märchen Straße only consists of museums, think again. There are many surprises to be discovered. For example, you can find many interactive events that will give you an opportunity to meet your favorite fairy tale characters.

Visit Snow White’s house tour with the Pied Piper

Snow White’s house is located in Bergfreiheit. This classic fairy tale states that after Snow White was banished by her evil stepmother, she lived in this house with the Seven Dwarfs. Here you will meet the princess herself, along with her seven roommates. The wicked stepmother’s castle is also included in the route’s sightseeing plan.

Another fairy tale character awaits you in Hamelin. The Pied Piper, who managed to lure rats away from the city with his magic flute, but then did the same with the city’s children when the citizens refused to pay for his service, resides in this town in Lower Saxony. Today, however, the Piper has no intentions to lure anybody away. Instead, he is a featured tour guide in Hamelin. Additionally, an interactive play about the events from the Pied Piper fairy tale is held in the city museum. You can also see this play outdoors during the summer.

If you visit Bad Sooden, you will be guided by Frau Holle. At times, she is accompanied by two girls known from the same fairy tale.

Apart from the permanent attraction of the Fairy Tale Route, you should also check out the Grimm’s Fairy Tale Festival. This festival is held each year between May and July in Hanau. You can look up all the attractions of the German Fairy Tale Route at their official website (deutsche-maerchenstrasse.com).

Fairy tale escapade and actual costs

Visiting the Deutsche Märchen Straße does carry a large expense. The route’s attractions alone are not expensive (some of them are even free-of-charge). However, you need to add food and accommodation costs to your trip. You can visit the route on your own, or use one of the four travel packages. The latter option includes accommodation, as well as breakfasts and dinners in the hotels. Moreover, these travel packages give you an opportunity to travel around the route in a rented car or by train. Rental prices, as well as train ticket prices, are included.

How much does it cost? As an example, here is a description of a seven-day travel package. Your journey begins in Frankfurt an Maine, from where you’ll travel to the route’s selected destinations via rented car. This package includes visiting Hamelin or Bremen. You will spend each night in a castle or a palace. Moreover, the package includes gourmet three-course dinners. This package is for two people who will be spending nights in a double room and costs 1129 dollars. However, you need to add the cost of flights. According to the data provided by Google Flights, a direct flight from Warsaw to Frankfurt costs at least 537 PLN per person, and it’s possible to return to Poland from Bremen for 497 PLN.

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Jan 3, 2017 7:55 AM|Conotoxia.com

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