Courses with 18 holes - Europe is playing golf

Jul 18, 2018 4:59 PM|Wojciech Onyśków

Golf is losing its reputation of being an elite sport for the affluent by gaining huge popularity. More and more golf fans are travelling abroad, curious about the world and new courses. This is how golf tourism is being created. Where do these courses lead to?

The craze for playing golf is developing, among others, in Poland, where new golfing facilities are being created. However, dozens of clubs in 9-hole and classic 18-hole courses are still a relatively small amount compared to Sweden, for example.

A visit to Viking lands

More than 450 golf courses in a country where golf is seen as a mainstream and common activity are not surprising. Especially that half a million Swedes play golf quite regularly.

Sweden is a paradise for golf enthusiasts, not only because of the large selection of golf courses. Its geographical location makes it possible to play around the clock in the northern regions during the summer months. The country also has the northernmost golf course, the Björkliden Arctic Golf, which is located above the Arctic Circle. The price for a game (an 18-hole course) is 250 Swedish kronas, or about 107 zloty (exchange rates of 16.07.2018 from, with 24-hour admission at 350 Swedish kronas (149 zloty).

If you are interested in unusual conditions, you can try playing in the snow. Such an attraction is offered by the courses located in the northern and central parts of the country. On the other hand, in the south the climate is milder and the courses there operate all year round, especially in the Skåne region.

The home country of golf

If we were to identify one place where golf as we know it today came to life, it would be Scotland. The picturesque country is the birthplace of this sport and the oldest golf courses go back to the 16th century.

The Old Course, founded in 1552, located in St Andrews in the east of the country, is considered one of the oldest golf courses in the world. However, a game there is quite expensive. In the high season you can expect to pay up to 180 pounds (890 PLN approx.), however, from November to March it costs 90 pounds (445 PLN approx.).

In the west of Scotland, the Royal Troon Golf Club, dating back to 1878, is exceptional. Scottish golfing enthusiasts should not miss the Glasgow area either. There are many golf courses, where you can play for ten pounds or so. A trip to Glasgow is a great opportunity not only for a game, but also to see a bit of and learn about Scottish culture.

Direction: Karlovy Vary

Looking for a picturesque place to play golf, you don't have to go to the British Isles. Clubs sunk in tradition can also be found in the Czech Republic. Karlovy Vary and Mariánské Lázně are two health resorts which have attracted golfers since the beginning of the 20th century.

Some of the nearly 100 Czech golf courses are located in the vicinity of majestic castles. The largest and one of the most beautiful is Golf Resort Konopiště, which is located at the foot of a 14th century castle, Tvoršovice, 50 km south of Prague.

Due to the popularity and availability of golf, the Czech Republic is often referred to as the "Republic of golf" and in this respect it is compared to such golfing powers as Sweden, the United States, Ireland and Scotland.

In sunlight

When it comes to golf bathed in sunlight, it is worth considering Spain. The country of matadors attracts enthusiasts of this sport with its warm climate and a guarantee of good weather. Spanish golf courses stand out from the European competition in terms of the number of sunny days per year.

There are more than 350 golf courses throughout the country. One of the most majestic is La Manga Club located near Cartagena on the Costa Cálida. Costa del Sol, also known as the Costa del Golf for a good reason, is a paradise for golf enthusiasts. There are almost 70 sites where prestigious tournaments are often held.

Whether you are looking for a golfing experience in sunny Spain or near the Arctic Circle, you need to prepare yourself for the trip. Make sure you check the calendar of competitions, bookings, accommodation, find out the prices, options for renting equipment and battery powered buggies. It is worth paying for it all in local currency by using’s financial platform, which provides not only online currency exchange, but also money transfers. Thanks to attractive exchange rates for the purchase of 1,000 EUR, we can gain up to 280 PLN compared to the offers of some banks (rates from July 18th, 2018).

Jul 18, 2018 4:59 PM|Wojciech Onyśków

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