is hiring. You won't believe where they look for new team members

Feb 23, 2015 4:48 PM| is one of the largest IT companies in Zielona Gora. It is also the most popular Polish FX enterprise offering online currency exchange. In the last month it has hired over a dozen specialists. Not only from Zielona Gora, but also from other cities in Poland: Poznan, Opole and Wroclaw.

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Before the end of the year it plans to hire a couple of dozen new employees. For a few months now it has been conducting recruitment in a very original way.

The FX company already consists of nearly 100 employees. Most of them are from the lubuskie county. However, more and more often new workers come from other cities. Recently, it has hired specialists from Wroclaw, Opole, Poznan and Lodz. expands to Warsaw and London. - It is not easy to find a good programmer and we are looking only for the best ones. The company is still developing and needs gifted and ambitious employees. In order to draw them to us, we do not only focus on advertising online and in the press. We are convinced that it is essential to take a step towards the people, to meet them, talk to them. If an opportunity for cooperation then arises - that’s great - says Piotr Kicinski,’s Vice-Chairman of the Board.

He is talking about an initiative to do sth, within which sponsors the meetings of the IT specialists in popular pubs in the city. The idea emerged from the Java User Group. It gathers programmers from Zielona Gora, mainly interested in Java programming language. The FX company became a sponsor for the next six meetings.

Depending on the subject, from 50 to 100 people participate in such events. The last one gathered nearly 80 people. - We are supporting a very interesting scheme. We want the progammers to make progress - explains Grzegorz Dribczak, Member of the Board responsible for the IT department.The meetings take place every last Wednesday of the month. The next one is set for February 25 at the minibrewery Haust.

Who attends the meetings? - Mainly the enthusiasts of Java language and those interested in the specific subjects of the meetings. These are outstanding specialists. We talk about the latest solutions in technology or the programming language. Subjects vary. The participants listen to lectures, ask questions and try to find answers together. Casual discussions, which are a part of the programme, are often more fruitful than the presentations themselves. It is, above all, a great opportunity to exchange experiences and insights - says Grzegorz Dribczak.

This is also a chance for the company to look for new employees. - There is of course a group of people who got interested in us as a company because we are a sponsor of JUG. During these meetings, the participants often ask us about what we create and what technologies we are using. Our answers turn out to be of great interest to them. We are certain these informal meetings are a good way to start long and lasting cooperation, beneficial not only to us, but also to potential new members of our team. Sometimes the very reason for their coming is to learn about the job - adds Dribczak.

This year the company is going to employ a couple of dozen people. Currently, is looking for JAva, PHP, .Net programmers and mobile app developers. There are also vacancies on positions of managers, architects, analysts and system administrators.

- We are a very dynamic company. Those who start working here are looking for better solutions, need changes. They count on development, interesting projects or better salaries. Some of them might have reached the glass ceiling. It happens ever so often that they’re using out-of-date technologies or focus on one area of programming. Sometimes it is imposed by some long-term project they’ve been working on. Our ideas and resources are fresh, they’re up-to-date. We work in a state-of-the-art environment. We aim to create for many platforms. We like new gadgets. Our employees work with modern technologies and tools. We also offer them something else: stable employment. Many companies work employ external contractors. Employment depends on them. If a partner company resigns from the order or don’t pay in time, the workers lose a sense of security. There is no such risk with us. We work on some long-term projects, which develop our own systems and the employment is guaranteed - summarizes Dribczak.

Registering for the meetings is free of charge, but obligatory. It can be done online at: . The subject of the nearest meeting will be 7 and 8 Java releases. Among participants prizes will be drawn, sponsored by partners of the meeting. These will be JetBrains licences and an ebook from Manning publishing house. will also be a sponsor of the meeting in March.'s job advertisements are available online at

Feb 23, 2015 4:48 PM|

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