is 7 times a winner of the global Bloomberg rank

Jan 7, 2016 9:38 AM| for yet another time was placed among the best forecasting financial institutions in the world. The prognosis of the company received 13 distinctions in the prestigious rank of the Bloomberg platform. These are 7 first places, 2 second and 3 third places.

PDF Download (34.9 kB) was awarded numerous times for its precise currency forecasts. The bids of the company’s analysts frequently take top places in the Bloomberg ranks. Also in the most recent one, the effort of the’s experts was well above average.

Bloomberg assessed the forecasts for the currency pairs connected with the euro and the American dollar for the fourth quarter of 2015. As it turned out, took top places in the rank. The company was awarded 1st place for its forecasts for the currency pairs of the countries from the Persian Gulf. It also was placed in the 2nd place considering the currencies from the countries of Latin America, beating Morgan Stanley. The forecasts for the currencies from the Asian countries of were awarded with 4th place, ahead of ABN Amro Bank N.V. and Danske Bank. was an unmatched forecaster of six currency pairs. In the rank for EUR/GBP (British pound) it beat the likes of Banco Santander, UBS and Westpack Banking. It also won in the rank of the pair EUR/SEK ( Swedish krona). The rank also includes Maybank Singapore, Societe Generale, Swedbank and Danske Bank. The company’s analysts also outperformed the competition in the ranks of the pairs: USD/CZK (Czech koruna) and EUR/UAH (Ukrainian hryvnia) and USD/UAH. was placed in the second places of the ranks of the currency pairs USD/DKK (Danish krone) and USD/ILS (Israeli new shekel).

The third places were taken by the’s forecasts for three currency pairs. These are connected to dollar: South African rand, Mexican peso and Brazilian real.

The top ten was also reached by the forecasts for the pairs: dollar with the Chinese yuan (4th place) and the euro with the Swiss franc, Hungarian forint and the American dollar.

The prestigious rank is published by Bloomberg. Its experts rate the margin of error, timing and accuracy of the forecasts.

Bloomberg, the world’s top international press agency, specializes in financial news. Its users include the largest banks and investment funds, corporations, government institutions and central banks.

Jan 7, 2016 9:38 AM|

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