awarded at the Globalna Polska gala [VIDEO]

Apr 27, 2016 9:44 AM|

The Polish brands that have been effectively expanding into foreign markets, have been awarded at the Globalna Polska gala, which was organized by the Manager monthly magazine. is among the awarded companies.

The gala has been organized in a unique space on the 50th floor of the tower at Zlota 44 in Warsaw. It was accompanied by two discussion panels, as well. The views regarding methods of expansion to worldwide markets and an increasing role of public affairs actions, were exchanged by Charles Lewington (former press spokesman for the British prime minister), Andrzej Sadowski (president of Adam Smith Center), and Piotr Kicinski ( Vice-chairman of the Board), among others. Kicinski received the award for in the category: “New brands created by private entrepreneurs after political transformation, which expand to the foreign markets.”

- is a company which searches for its advantage against the competition mainly in the intellectual capital and especially in the IT field – emphasized Kicinski. - We will take what is best from the Polish potential – he added, in reference to the company's plans regarding the development of its global brand, Conotoxia.

The knowledge of the Polish expert is widely acknowledged. Despite this, the discussion panel’s participants have supported the view that the so called “hard competence” of employees is actually a good exit point for developing in the foreign markets. However, it needs to be followed by the sensitivity of recruiting staff that is knowledgeable about local conditions. Moreover, a huge range of supportive actions need to be made, which is far beyond granting proper tasks to proper people.

- We have talked a lot about the enterprising nature of Poles – emphasized Charles Lewington, who is currently the Managing Director at Hanover Communications - an independent advisory company, which supports global enterprises. - This may be a giant power, considering that it is supported with proper exposure of the brand, a valuable offer and with aggressive marketing in the right parts of the British market – continued Lewington.

Other expert from the same advisory company, Christian Hierholzer, referred to the example of the United Kingdom. He emphasized that many Polish brands are active in this market. However, some of them are not perceived in a way they deserve. - This may be the matter of marketing, or maybe some other reasons – suggested Hierholzer.

Some of the experts claimed that this situation is caused by an imperfect cultural dialogue. During the panel, Tomasz Slezak of the Work Service company, indicated an increasing significance of the “soft competence” of the employees of global companies. In his opinion, the necessity of understanding the cultural conditions by the Polish entrepreneurs strongly impacts the effectiveness of introducing the Polish business models abroad. - We need to cultivate humility in ourselves, as well as respect for the cultural diversity of the people who work with us. This is because these people will be very much responsible for the success of our projects – said Slezak.

According to Malgorzata Bogusz, Director of Public Affairs at the VisionGroup company, many Polish companies require support from independent experts or advisory organizations. This is especially true if such companies are ambitious enough to expand abroad. - Fantasy is not sufficient enough out there. What is necessary, are complex and professional solutions especially within the fields of lobbying and public affairs – emphasized Bogusz.

Despite the fact of announcing a lot of serious challenges regarding the development of the Polish companies abroad, the moods among the meeting's participants were rather optimistic. - Young Polish businessmen do not feel inferior about introducing their products and services abroad – emphasized Lukasz Gozdzior, Managing Director at the Marka dla Polski foundation. - They have more courage and a positively understood “business madness”. Moreover, they have the experience of their older colleagues. Of course, this does not mean that the road to expansion of the Polish companies abroad will be simple – said Gozdzior.

Gala Globalna Polska

Apr 27, 2016 9:44 AM|

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