Board games are back. How to buy them and not overpay [GUIDE]

Jul 28, 2016 11:16 AM|

For quite a while, board games weren't extremely popular and were considered as a relic of the past. However, this form of entertainment is returning to its former glory. Unfortunately for board game fans, it's quite an expensive hobby. It's worth looking for a favorite game in foreign stores.

Board games

The increasing popularity of board games is a result of a new direction that this industry has taken. It is becoming less common to create and play games in which randomness determines the result. Currently, more important factors are the use of knowledge to develop game scenarios. Moreover, board games are becoming increasingly attractive visually. Some of them are peculiar masterpieces, with each element of the game-world being worked out to the smallest detail. The worlds used in board games very often come from popular culture. The first board games, and card games as well, that pop into your mind are those based on Star Wars, The Lord Of The Rings or The Game of Thrones.

It's also more common to organize board game conventions. - Their promotional campaigns are increasingly better, and information regarding these conventions not only reach players, but also people who are not yet into this hobby. - claims Tomasz Dobosz of GambitTV, the YouTube channel dedicated to board games. As examples, he mentions events such as Pionek, GRAMY and Rzuc Kostką. He also adds that board game stores are more often located in large shopping malls. This makes them easier to find. - The myth that board games are just for kids is crumbling. People are beginning to understand that these types of games are great fun for the entire family – concludes Dobosz.

The biggest problem for board game fans are their prices. They're usually quite high and sometimes even higher than prices of video games. In order to buy a decent board game, you need to be prepared to spend around 100 PLN at least. However, it's worth looking for your desired game in foreign stores. A slight disadvantage is the fact that you won't find Polish language versions abroad. However, this shouldn't scare off true fans, who often hunt for games that are not available in Poland.

Let's take the previously mentioned Game of Thrones board game as the first example. Stores are full of board games, as well as card games that are based on this popular novel and television series. The most common is “Game of Thrones Board Game - 2nd Edition.” Buying a card game based on this popular series may be very tempting for its fans. It's based on the TV series to a significant degree. It's basically unavailable in Poland. However, it's very simple to find it abroad. Moreover, its price is usually very profitable. In the British store, Shire Games, you can buy it for 23.99 pounds, which is approximately 125.38 PLN (all exchange rates given by on 26.07.2016).

Another very popular game among board game fans is “Age of Conan Strategy Board Game.” This game is available in Poland, but its price may be discouraging. In store, it costs 459.95 PLN. Prices of this game in foreign stores are definitely more profitable. You can find it for 54.99 pounds in the UK (approximately 287.37 PLN) and 56.99 dollars in the USA (approximately 227.17 PLN).

There are many examples of games that are not available in Poland, that are available abroad, for more profitable prices than in Poland. However, you can save even more money on buying board games and card games abroad than it seems at first sight. All it takes is to exchange currency at an ideal place. Online currency exchange companies have the most profitable offers. - If you exchange currency online, you will save money on spread. Therefore, you receive more profitable exchange rates than in a traditional currency exchange office or in a bank – said Piotr Kiciński, Vice-chairman of the Board in, the largest online currency exchange company in Poland.

If you don't care for collecting board games, but you wish to play a specific title, you can rent them as well. How much does this cost? Board game rentals have different strategies. Some prices are determined by prices of the game's market value and some are determined by their popularity. However, the cost is still lower than buying a board game. One board game rental service in Warsaw, will rent you 120 PLN worth of games for 16 PLN for a period of three days. Of course, you may extend the rental period further. However, each additional day will cost you 4 PLN. Unfortunately, rental services are not eager to ship board games. Thus, it is usually necessary to pick up the game on your own.


Jul 28, 2016 11:16 AM|

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