Debut in America, one million downloads, Hollywood, and the World Cup — 2019 at

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Launching services in the U.S., new products, partnership with global giants, appearance in Hollywood blockbusters, hitting the level of one million downloads of the Currency Exchange app — these are just some key highlights from 2019 news published at

Summary of the year 2019

Companies belonging to Conotoxia Holding reached a growing speed unattainable for many competitors. Read a summary of 2019, a year full of significant achievements, challenges, and spectacular marketing projects.

America, here we come

Conotoxia's key highlight of 2019 was entering the world's largest market, the U.S. The new money transfer service was rolled out in Illinois. Americans can now send funds in the US dollars that can be delivered in any of the 27 currencies to a recipient's bank account. Soon, the service provided by Conotoxia, Inc., and a dedicated mobile app will be available to residents of other states.

Thanks a million!

That was a year full of records. Android users downloaded the Currency Exchange app more than a million times. In November, we reached a milestone of 800,000 reviews at, a popular rating portal, and over 99% of them were positive. Both in terms of the number of app downloads and clients comments, the competition was far behind. All thanks to you!

Football fever

We did not miss out on key sports event of the year. Conotoxia was the Official National Supporter for FIFA U-20 World Cup 2019, played in Poland. The brand gained broad exposure at all six stadiums as well as in TV broadcasts. Moreover, Conotoxia continues to sponsor national football teams of Wales and the Czech Republic.

Teaming up with Spiderman and Terminator

If you are a cinema-goer, you could easily spot the Conotoxia logo in Hollywood super hits of 2019, John Wick 3 and Ad Astra. We also partnered up with Sony Pictures Entertainment, a producer of Spider-Man: Far From Home, creating a joint promotional campaign. Last but not least, Conotoxia became an Official Partner of Terminator: Dark Fate. As stated in the official press release, fintech and movie's main character have a lot of things in common: leading-edge technology, absolute focus on purpose, and relentless determination in removing obstacles. A dedicated video spot was displayed in cinemas as a part of a pre-launch campaign.

Find us in your smartphone

T-Mobile and, a company belonging to Conotoxia Holding, have signed a long-term deal. T-Mobile customers, who choose a subscription plan with an Android phone, get the Money Transfer app already installed on their smartphones.

More currencies, more services

Currency portfolio available at increased to 27 by enabling Thai baht (THB) transactions in November. One baht divides into 100 satangs, and it costs approximately 0.03 USD. The selection available at already generates 702 currency pairs.

Multi-currency lending services joined the offer enabled at In the first stage, the company offers them to “Friends and Family”.

Development of Conotoxia Pay and new payment methods

Our clients can already use as many as 21 fast and easy methods to top up a currency wallet or pay for a transaction. In 2019, we extended the payment methods portfolio with Trustly, popular in Sweden, Canadian Interac Online, POLi — commonly used in Australia and New Zealand, Austria's top payment method, EPS, and Visa Checkout. We have also enabled Google Pay for all devices.

Conotoxia Pay, an original system for multi-currency online payments for e-commerce, was enhanced with a “Pay later” function. We have also enabled Conotoxia Pay for customers, who do not have an account at For online stores that wish to integrate with our payment system, Conotoxia now provides ready-to-use plugins available for download.

We are the champions!

2019 Bloomberg's rankings confirmed our top-level of market expertise and industry knowledge. Analysts from, one of the companies from Conotoxia Holding group, won the global classification of EUR/USD forecasters in Q3, beating the biggest financial institutions in the world.

RegTech revolution entered the RegTech (Regulatory Technology) industry. Entrepreneurs who may feel insecure in the maze of national regulations and EU directives can now access a comprehensive tool for preventing and combating financial crime. The software is offered as a user-friendly platform, personalized in terms of client requirements.

Jan 2, 2020 9:41 AM|

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