Dashboard Start - new dashboard for the user panel at Conotoxia.com

Apr 2, 2019 3:53 PM|Conotoxia.com

With the launch of the new homepage Conotoxia Start, the user panel has also been changed. The new dashboard is intended to improve the use of the available financial services.

Dashboard Start

The most important element of Dashboard Start, i.e. the page visible after logging in to the client panel, are links leading to the services offered in the portal.

The first section clearly displays a shortcut to new transactions. Clients can easily and quickly exchange currencies, send money or top up their wallets. The second module enables redirection to the key financial services previously mentioned. The main modules highlight product tabs: currency exchange, money transfers, payments, currency exchange and Forex trading.

The side menu and other screens remain unchanged. The current panel will still be available under the "Currency exchange" tab.

Apr 2, 2019 3:53 PM|Conotoxia.com

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