27th place in Rzeczpospolita’s rank

May 15, 2015 11:58 AM|Conotoxia.com

Yet again Cinkciarz.pl was placed in one of the top places in the prestigious 'Rzeczpospolita' rank. The 'List 500' is a rank which presents the companies with the highest development dynamics.

The 'Rzeczpospolita List 500' is the first summary of the year allowing the assessment of the shape of large Polish companies. The list has been created and published for 17 years now by the daily newspaper 'Rzeczpospolita'.

The income of the largest companies rose by 1.8 percent in comparison to last years' results. Cinkciarz.pl looks especially impressive in the financial services sector. The income of this subdivision increased by 13 percent. The last year's debutant moved up by three places and was ranked 27th this year. None of the companies which were ranked higher than Cinkciarz.pl noted such a significant income increase. The FX company's income was higher in comparison to last year by as much as 20.13 percent.

We are happy with moving up every year in the rank. The company is continually developing and our offer is constantly being enlarged. We are sure it will result in a growing number of customers, and as a consequence, an increase in income. We look into the future very optimistically. - said Piotr Kicinski, the Vice-Chairman of the Board.

As the authors of the rank point out, the 'List' is being dominated by companies with foreign capital, but their number is more or less the same. However, the number of the private companies with Polish capital is getting bigger every year. In comparison to 2005, the number increased by 52 companies to a total of 202, and the number of state companies decreased from 91 to 34. Also in this field, Cinkciarz.pl looks quite remarkable, as it was ranked 2nd in the category of private companies with Polish capital. The online FX company overtook the likes of Asseco Poland, Kolporter or the Mlekovita Group.

Top 50 from the 'Rzeczpospolita's List 500'
Private companies with Polish capital from the 'List 500'

May 15, 2015 11:58 AM|Conotoxia.com

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