forecasts for the currencies of Latin America and the Persian Gulf are the most accurate in the world

Jul 12, 2016 10:21 AM|

The position of in the elite group of institutions that provide the most accurate currency exchange rate forecasts in the world, is strengthening. The Polish company was ranked first in yet another categories of the prestigious Bloomberg Ranks.

The ranking results for the second quarter of 2016 that were published by the influential Bloomberg news agency, have established the already strong position of the forecasts.

In the past few months, the analysts of one of the largest Polish online currency exchange companies were ranked among the best in the world in forecasting currency exchange rates for the Latin American currencies, as well as those of the Persian Gulf. In the article that was published on, among others, the experts are cited as, “currently the most accurate” and “the region's leading analysts.” These titles are not accidental. The company deserves this esteem by having maintained these accurate forecasts for a great measure of time. Its estimations regarding the fluctuations of the worldwide currency exchange rates were proven correct with an impressive regularity. Only as recently as 2015, Bloomberg awarded with eight first place rankings, three second places and three third places in the currency forecasts accuracy rankings.

Let's keep in mind that in the first quarter of 2016, the Latin American currency forecasts were more accurate than the estimations of other highly esteemed institutions in worldwide finance, such as Morgan Stanley investment bank. However, the latest ranking results may bring even more satisfaction to the company. In the second quarter of 2016, analysts kept their position as the leader on the list of the most accurate forecasters. This time, they left behind the experts at American Wells Fargo holding, as well as at the Japanese Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group. However, this does not close the list of their current achievements. kept its strong position when it comes to the forecasts regarding the Persian Gulf currencies as well. The company's analysts were ranked first for the second time in a row in this category.

Bloomberg journalists Aline Oyamada and Filipe Pacheco, have cited analyst Marcin Lipka in their article about the slowdown perspectives of a sudden growth of the Brazilian and Chilean currencies due to Brexit. Lipka indicates that a positive impact of Brexit on the Latin American currencies will soon slow down. He forecasts a possible decline of the Brazilian real, as well as of the Peruvian sol against the dollar in the following months. According to the expert, the potential reasons will be the possible results of the Federal Reserve's decision regarding rate hikes in the USA, as well as of a decrease in demand for raw materials that are exported by Brazil and Chile. It is worth focusing on the remarks from the Warsaw analyst. This is because the team that he works with is not only sustaining its strong position in currency forecasts for particular regions, but for particular currency pairs as well.

The company’s promotion from the third to second place for their forecasts regarding the South Korean won, proves that the forecast accuracy of is consistantly improving. The analysts are continuously defending their positions as the best forecasters of the Ukrainian hryvnia exchange rates. They have been the best in the world in this category for six months and by this, confirm the reputation of their company as an esteemed analytical institution.

Jul 12, 2016 10:21 AM|

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