Conotoxia Ltd.

Company`s activity

The company is part of the Conotoxia Holding Group and provides access to Forex and CFD trading in the European Economic Area.

Management Board

The Management Board at Conotoxia Ltd. is responsible for the operational structure of the company in accordance with the requirements of the regulator. Its members ensure that the company functions in accordance with the standards set by the industry.

Grzegorz Jaworski

Executive Director, Chief Executive Officer

Sergii Rybak

General Manager/Executive Director


The most important events in the company's history are listed below.

18 Oct 2021

Conotoxia Ltd. opens a branch in Poland

Conotoxia Ltd., which provides a forex service for Conotoxia web portal users, opened a branch in Poland. Investors who want to open investment accounts through the web portal gain direct access to Polish-speaking representatives and are ensured that the branch is supervised by KNF (Polish Financial Supervision Authority) in regards to the investment service provided by the company.

19 Apr 2021

Conotoxia Ltd. as Rising Star of the Year 2020 Forex/CFD Brokers

Conotoxia Ltd., a company providing Forex services to Conotoxia portal users, was declared Rising Star of the Year 2020 Forex/CFD Brokers in the Invest Cuffs 2021 competition.

2 Dec 2020

Conotoxia launched MT4 platform

From now on, our Forex clients gain access also to MT4 - the most popular trading platform.

18 May 2020

No commission on stock Indices - revolutionary offer for Forex clients

Conotoxia Ltd. launched another great novelty for Forex clients. Users of Advance STP accounts can trade on 11 stock Indices with ultra-low spread and no commission.

31 January 2020

New Trading Accounts types available for Forex customers

Conotoxia Ltd. launched the New Trading Accounts types tailored to traders' expectations. 4 different, unique trading accounts for Retail Clients and decreased margin requirements for Professional Clients are now available for Forex customers.

22 January 2020

Forex Education available for Conotoxia customers

A broad collection of educational videos, e-books and other tutorial materials regarding Forex now available for Conotoxia's customers. Forex Education is a unique offer prepared by a team of experienced traders working for Conotoxia Ltd.

16 January 2020

CFDs based on Cryptocurrencies — a new offer in Forex service introduces a new offer for Forex clients — trading on CFDs based on 5 the most popular cryptocurrencies.

17 September 2019

Forex for companies web portal has made available another new feature for business clients. Company accounts can get access to trading on the Forex market.

19 June 2019

New payment methods for funding Forex account

Conotoxia introduces fast payment methods for customer’s using the portal’s Forex services. Those interested in trading can use popular payment cards and convenient mobile systems, among others.

18 April 2019

New Forex functionalities available

New Forex solutions have introduced to The changes include, among others, quickly switching from the start screen to internal transfers or the section for topping up the account.

22 Dec 2017

A new service from Conotoxia

The Conotoxia FOREX platform opens its doors to Forex trading. Conotoxia Ltd. acts as the service provider for platform users.

16 Jun 2017

Going global

Conotoxia Holding Group launches its Conotoxia brand. gives customers from outside Poland the opportunity to cash in on speedy and competitive services.