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Elevate your business with multi-currency financial services. Read the technical documentation and start implementing our solutions today.

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Is our API for you?

This API is available for all financial institutions with a TPP certificate. It gives access to the payment accounts of the portal's customers. Access to the data is only possible with customer consent.

How to integrate?

Make sure you have a qualified certificate

The certificate should comply with the requirements of PSD2.

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Use our API

All the necessary information is included in the documentation.

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Our vision

By giving you access to our API, you have the opportunity of using our solutions in your business. Together we can create new, innovative financial products and provide our customers with a free hand when choosing their financial service provider.

Our API is continuously under development. The knowledge and documentation base will make it easier for you to implement with our services. We keep in touch with our partners and help at every stage of the process.

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Read the documentation and start integrating your business with our services today.

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