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Text alerts

We are the first to offer you mobile text notifications. It is all about the experience.

Why text alerts?

  • We understand that staying in touch throughout the transaction process is crucial
  • You can check the status of transactions

Text (SMS) notifications may contain information about:

  • changes in the status of transactions from a bank account
  • upload of funds and withdrawals from the currency wallet
  • currency alerts, when the exchange rate hits your target rate
  • current exchange rates of your selected currencies (currency text (SMS)
  • new products and services that we have developed for you Notifications are set via the user panel. Select the option Your profile -> Setting notifications. Here you can select the types of notifications and the method of delivery.

Notification are set via the user panel. Select the option Your profile -> Setting of notifications. Here you can select the way of notification delivery, and types of notifications.

How to set currency texts?

  • Create free account (account creation instructions)
  • Select Services -> Text exchange rates in the user panel
  • Click Add a currency text in the top-right corner of the page
  • Select currencies which exchange rates you wish to receive via text
  • You can select currencies one at a time or choose a group of currencies from the list
  • Select the time you wish to receive your currency texts
  • Confirm by clicking Add
  • Keep in mind that one currency text contains up to 6 exchange rates
  • If you select more than 6 currencies, you will receive a proportional number of texts

How to buy a text package?

  • Select Services -> Text packages in the user panel
  • Select the text package you wish to purchase (50, 100 or 200 texts)
  • Confirm by clicking Buy a package

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