Our services

Standing order

If you need to exchange currency on a monthly basis, this is the solution for you. The best solution for loans and mortgage payers.

Why a standing order?

  • You can buy or sell currency automatically
  • Our margin is reduced to the absolute minimum
  • Better rate than with a traditional transaction
  • With us you can avoid unfavorable exchange rates and save up to several hundred zlotys per month. Standing orders also facilitate the process of currency exchange and works automatically, saving you time, money and effort

How does it work?

Our two solutions: transactions from a bank account and from your currency wallet can offer you many advantages. In both cases, you order us to buy/sell the certain amount of currency at fixed intervals. An agreement is concluded for 6, 12 or 24 months.

Transactions from a bank account Transactions from your currency wallet
  • After the currency is bought/sold, you will receive an email with confirmation of the exchange rate and the final price of the transaction
  • You agree to pay the final price of the transaction 2 days prior to the date of the transaction
  • Deposit money to your currency wallet
  • Transaction is created and paid for automatically by your currency wallet
  • The currency you bought/sold is send to the bank account you selected