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Recon Instruments

Recon devices have been designed for active users. The Recon line consists of glasses that are produced for fans of biking and jogging; and goggles, which are intended for winter sports fans.

Recon Jet

Thanks to the our app for Recon, you will gain access to current exchange rates for twenty-four currencies.

Recon connects with your phone via Bluetooth. Information displayed on the screen is updated manually.

Users of the glasses are able to view the default configuration exchange rates for currencies that are the most popular among our users. These are the dollar, euro, Swiss franc and the British pound.

Our app enables:

  • access to the current currency exchange rates,
  • simultaneous display of exchange rates for four currencies that can be selected from twenty-four offered currencies, against the PLN.

The app can be downloaded from the Engage website, which is a subsidiary of the producer of the devices, the Canadian company, Recon Instruments.