Video analysis

Afternoon video analysis 21.11.2017

The Fairly stable situation on the leading currency pairs. Limited downward pressure on the EUR/USD mainly comes from the stronger dollar rather than weaker euro. The EUR/PLN falls marginally to 4.22-4.23 range.

Morning video analysis 21.11.2017

The EUR/USD is quoted below 1.1750. The euro weakness is mainly caused by political issues in Germany. Trading on the zloty is fairly calm due to solid data from the local economy.

Afternoon video analysis 16.11.2017

After two days of strong volatility, the EUR/USD trading is less nervous in the afternoon. The EUR/PLN is quoted around 4.23-4.24. The zloty should be fairly stable in the following hours.

Morning video analysis 16.11.2017

The dollar strengthened yesterday, but during early Europan trading it pared some gains despite higher yields on US treasuries. Readings from the States and the UK are in focus today. The zloty remains stable with the euro around 4.24-4.25 PLN.

Afternoon video analysis 15.11.2017

Despite solid retail sales data from the US and higher than expected core inflation, the dollar failed to gain value. The EUR/PLN remains fairly stable but the nervousness on the global FX market combined with somewhat chaotic moves on sum currencies may also increase the volatility of the PLN.

Morning video analysis 15.11.2017

Strong gains on the EUR/USD caused by investors positions changes rather than macroeconomic events. Important inflation data from the US. The EUR/PLN traded above 4.24. The zloty is also weaker against its regional counterparts.

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