Video analysis

Are you pressed for time? Do you want to know what's going on in the currency market? These videos are for you. Watch the short, informative broadcasts and be in the know.

13.12.2018 | 08:56

Non-confidence voting and the ECB (Morning video analysis 13.12.2018)

Theresa May survived the internal non-confidence vote, but opposition inside her party seems to be fairly broad. The ECB meeting is in focus today. The zloty gained some value on better external environment and the EUR/PLN is traded below 4.30 level.

12.12.2018 | 16:22

The stronger pound (Afternoon video analysis 12.12.2018)

Before the non-confidence vote on British Prime Minister Theresa May the pound is gaining value. Better sentiment on the euro. The zloty remains stable with trading close to 4.30 per the euro.

12.12.2018 | 08:49

Pound's problems and expensive franc (Morning video analysis 12.12.2018)

The risk of Theresa May being dismissed by her own party is increasing. A strong franc is the result of concerns about the eurozone. The zloty in relation to the euro is stable, but is under pressure to the franc and the dollar.

11.12.2018 | 15:59

Stonger dollar (Afternoon video analysis 11.12.2018)

The US currency is supported by the higher core PPI, increasing equities and firmer crude oil. The zloty is under pressure with the USD/PLN trading close to 3.80 level while the Swiss franc is quoted in 3.82 - 3.83 range.

11.12.2018 | 08:52

Fear among currencies (Morning video analysis 11.12.2018)

Appreciation of the yen and the franc, problems related to Brexit or higher deficit in France may have a negative impact on the zloty. So far, however, the euro remains in the range of 4.29-4.30 PLN.

10.12.2018 | 15:57

Pound below in red (Afternoon video analysis 10.12.2018)

The British currency is sharply depreciating after the vote on the Brexit agreement has been withdrawn from the House of Commons. The zloty remains stable. The euro in the range of 4.29-4.30 PLN.