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Currency Comments - text 25 Nov 2021 9:01

The euro gives up the recent bounce; the US dollar continues to shine (Daily analysis 25.11.2021)

Currency Comments - text 22 Nov 2021 8:03

Dollar continues to strengthen, euro below in the red (Daily analysis 22.11.2021)

Currency Comments - text 17 Nov 2021 7:54

The dollar strengthens for a week; the EUR/USD pair is near 1.13 (Daily analysis 17.11.2021)

Currency Comments - text 15 Nov 2021 9:02

Dollar on a wave of inflation expectations (Daily analysis 15.11.2021)

Currency Comments - text 8 Nov 2021 8:04

US labour market confirms Fed stance (Daily analysis 08.11.2021)

Currency Comments - text 5 Nov 2021 9:42

Repricing of central banks approach drives the markets (Daily analysis 05.11.2021)

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