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20.02.2019 | 12:39

Good data but zloty is still weak (Daily analysis 20.02.2019)

The dollar is slightly weaker before the publication of the minutes from the last Federal Reserve...

19.02.2019 | 16:41

Pound gains and zloty drops (Afternoon analysis 19.02.2019)

The British currency clearly appreciates. This afternoon the pound cost 1.30 USD, the highest lev...

19.02.2019 | 13:08

Strong labour market on the British Isles (Daily analysis 19.02.2019)

Limited changes in the main currencies. Strong labour market in the UK despite the slowdown in Eu...

18.02.2019 | 17:36

Calm Monday but volatility may increase (Afternoon analysis 18.02.2019)

Minor changes in the currency market. The EUR/USD pair is in a limited range of fluctuations, whi...

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