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11 Dec 2019 13:46

Elections in Great Britain. Johnson's victory is becoming less and less certain (Daily analysis 11.12.2019)

10 Dec 2019 16:38

USA and China are prolonging the negotiations? (Afternoon analysis 10.12.2019)

10 Dec 2019 13:35

The GDP in the UK marked with high volatility (Daily analysis 10.12.2019)

9 Dec 2019 14:04

Surprising increase in German export (Daily analysis 9.12.2019)

5 Dec 2019 17:45

Zloty somewhat stronger and dollar awaits Friday (Afternoon analysis 5.12.2019)

5 Dec 2019 13:29

Sales fail to meet expectations, but euro is stable (Daily analysis 5.12.2019)

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