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Update for systems Android and Windows Phone

7 May 2013 9:53|

Further updates for users of mobile phones and tablets with operating systems Android and Windows Phone. The free applications of foreign exchange FX platform have been supplemented with new functionalities.

Windows Phone

List of new functions for Windows Phone operating system (version 1.0.1):

  • transactions concluded using bank account,
  • transactions concluded using foreign currency wallet,
  • community transactions,
  • transaction history,
  • crediting and debiting foreign currency wallet,
  • list of your community-based orders and top 20 of most favourable offers made by users of,
  • history of payment stops pertaining to foreign currency wallet

The list above supplements the functions of our application that have been available so far: foreign exchange rates, available at foreign exchange FX platform, FX calculator, as well as access to news, comments concerning FX market, messages, and contact data. The application is available free of charge at the Windows Phone internet shop. Windows Phone.


New functions of applications for Android (version 1.0.4):

  • it is possible to enable, disable, edit, as well as remove a community-based order,
  • list of your community-based orders,
  • top 20 of most favourable offers made by users of

The above functionalities extend the ones already possessed by the application: conclusion of community-based transactions, transactions with the use of bank account and foreign currency wallet, foreign exchange rates, FX calculator (for buying, selling, and exchanging currencies), history of transactions, as well as access to news, comments concerning FX market, and messages. You are encouraged to download free of charge the application from. Google Play.

7 May 2013 9:53|

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