New! Social transactions

Social Transactions is a new model in our offer. It allows to exchange currency between the users without intermediaries and no spread. Forever without fees and percentage!

You start using social transactions by transferring money to your wallet. When the money is booked, set an exchange rate all by yourself and wait for matching offer of another user. When offer shows up, the transaction will conclude automatically.

We are aware there are internet portals on the market, which at the beginning they offer social currency exchange for free, but after some time they introduce fees for their services. In response to these dealings we ensure you we offer social transactions forever for free, with no fees and no percentage!

Besides, check out our Top 20 list, where you will find the best currency exchange offers of our users.

Apart from social transactions, you still can use our other models: transactions from bank account and currency wallet. For more information go to our guide, where you will learn what are the differences between the models available in, and which model is better for your needs.

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