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Cyber Geeks - software house from Conotoxia Holding announces expansion

7 Mar 2023 9:30|Conotoxia.com

Software house Cyber Geeks is unveiling a new, high-end offering. Specialists from the company possess years of experience in the field of system architecture, cloud solutions, mobile and web applications or the formal and legal environment of financial services. Examples of these are the technological implementations provided by the already global brand Conotoxia. The time has come for Cyber Geeks to have a much broader presence in the market to support the digital development of many more businesses.

Cyber Geeks - software house from Conotoxia Holding announces expansion

Individuals behind Cyber Geeks for a long time have specialised in providing comprehensive IT solutions in the areas of finance, personal data and anti-money laundering. The technology department at Conotoxia has 12 years of experience, more than 130 experts, almost 150 IT systems created and implemented and over 800 production implementations per month. Now, Cyber Geeks is announcing the expansion and being fully ready to acquire more clients.

"Cyber Geeks is a battle-tested team of specialists in the financial industry (FinTech, RegTech), as well as the support of regulatory experts (AML, GDPR, compliance). Experience and extensive business and technical knowledge - namely, know-how- is our company's core value. Working in an agile way, we rely on partnership and on knowing and listening to the client's needs when working together. We meet the highest technological standards and take care of all formal aspects of our projects. Our delivery of end-to-end solutions ranges from the idea, through legal development, to a working product and its maintenance. We encourage all companies with technological ambitions, not only from the financial sector, to cooperate with us," says Andrzej Arendt, CEO of Cyber Geeks.

Technologies used by Cyber Geeks' experts:

  1. languages and frameworks: Java, C#, PHP, Kotlin, Swift, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, Python, SQL, Spring Boot, Quarkus, Angular, Symfony and others;
  2. platforms: JVM, .Net, Android, iOS, GCP, AWS, Atlassian Cloud, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MS SQL, Mongo DB, Redis and others;
  3. techniques: Agile, ITIL, Microservices, ASVS, SRE, CI/CD, DevOps, Infrastructure as a Code, Event storming, Domain-driven design;
  4. tools: Git, Jira, Confluence, Jenkins, Octopus, Terraform, Ansible, Docker, Kubernetes, Liquibase, ELK, Zabbix and others.

Cyber Geeks’s website: https://cybergeeks.pl/en-gb/.

7 Mar 2023 9:30|Conotoxia.com

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