Daily analysis

Afternoon analysis 31.03.2017

The American PCE for February was above the Federal Reserve’s inflation goal. Baseline inflation reading is at its highest level since October. Polish consumer inflation for March was worse than expected.

Daily analysis 31.03.2017

A significant decrease in the eurozone’s inflation was partially caused by the calendar effects. William Dudley’s relatively hawkish comments. The British current account deficit is clearly lower than expected. The zloty’s situation against the developed market currencies remains favorable.

Afternoon analysis 30.03.2017

German inflation for March is by 0.6 percentage points lower than it was in February. Positive economic data from the USA supports the dollar. The positive sentiment towards the emerging market currencies continues and supports the zloty’s stabilization.

Daily analysis 30.03.2017

The Fed members have been making attempts to sustain the scenario of at least three rate hikes for this year. Low inflation from particular states of Germany, as well as the most recent news from the ECB, have caused pressure on the EUR/USD. The zloty remains strong. The EUR/PLN has been near its one-year minimum.

Daily analysis 29.03.2017

Increasing profitability of the American debt is supporting the dollar. However, the American currency remains weak against the emerging market currencies. The pound in view of Brexit initiation, the Scottish referendum and the data regarding the terminal contract positions. The zloty has only lost against the globally stronger dollar.