Become the analyst

23 Nov 2016 11:41|

Duration: competition ended
Prize: tickets for the football game Poland - Slovenia

You have time to register in our competition Beat the analyst only until Sunday. The competition starts on Monday, October 24. What is important, only previously registered contestants can take part. How to register? It's easy. Just send us a private message on Facebook.

The competition lasts for three days. Every day contestants foresee the exchange rates of four currencies: euro, dollar, pound and franc. You assess if the rate will go up, down, or stay the same. Publish your estimations in the comment on Facebook below the post where we present the NBP exchange rates.

In order to take part in the competition, register now. The prizes are tickets to see the game of the National Football Team of Poland and sets of gadgets of

23 Nov 2016 11:41|

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