Audio analysis

Here you can find brief commentaries on current events on the currency market. The comments are prepared by our expert currency analysts especially for those on the go.

11.12.2018 | 16:08

France may be another EU problem (Afternoon audio analysis 11.12.2018)

French rating could be lowered if fiscal issues persist.

10.12.2018 | 15:57

Scenarios for Great Britain (Afternoon audio analysis 10.12.2018)

What will happen to the pound in the coming weeks?

07.12.2018 | 15:41

Weekly summary (Afternoon audio analysis 7.12.2018)

Crucial news that circulated around the markets in recent days.

06.12.2018 | 15:51

Yield curve (Afternoon audio analysis 6.12.2018)

Partially inverted yield curve on Treasuries is rather psychological than a financial issue.

05.12.2018 | 16:15

The pound may strengthen (Afternoon audio analysis 5.12.2018)

Some events in British politics may open the way to a strengthening of the pound.

04.12.2018 | 15:58

Brexit (Afternoon audio analysis 4.12.2018)

Can the rejection of Prime Minister May's plan be positive for the pound?