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Here you can find brief commentaries on current events on the currency market. The comments are prepared by our expert currency analysts especially for those on the go.
13.02.2019 | 15:57

Inflation form the States (Afternoon audio analysis 13.02.2019)

The BLS inflation data for January showed that the core component may rise faster than anticipated in the following months. The data supports a fairly strong dollar.

12.02.2019 | 15:53

Brexit and weak GUS data (Afternoon audio analysis 12.02.2019)

When the pound market may start to be worried about the dramatic increase in the risk of chaotic Brexit. GUS data for December showed a very strong increase in the deficit in the foreign trade of goods.

11.02.2019 | 15:49

Issues for the pound (Afternoon audio analysis 11.02.2019)

The British currency may be boosted if the Brexit will be soft. However, the trade data published today by the ONS shows that the trade deficit and current account issues may be negative for the sterling in the long run.

08.02.2019 | 16:04

Weekly summary (Afternoon audio analysis 8.02.2019)

The week's most important events include very weak data from the eurozone and a serious downward revision of forecasts for the eurozone economies. Surprisingly, the pound appreciated in the second part of the week, despite a set of negative reports from the Bank of England.

05.02.2019 | 15:43

The crude market (Afternoon audio analysis 5.02.2019)

How does the crude oil market look like concerning the EM currencies? The base case scenario seems to favor trading close to the current levels.

04.02.2019 | 15:27

The Fed is key (Afternoon audio analysis 4.02.2019)

Despite that the Federal Reserve meeting was several days ago, market participants are still not convinced about the Fed's monetary policy. Incoming speeches from the FOMC's official may be crucial for the dollar valuation.

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