Here you can find current information about events that could effect your transactions. This information will help you make sure your money gets to where you want it to go without delay.
03.09.2012 | 15:00

Technical breakdown in BZ WBK

Please be informed that due to the business online banking system breakdown in BZ WBK bank, executing currency exchange transactions on 03.09.2012 might be delayed.

27.08.2012 | 10:17

Day off from GBP

Please be informed that due tp the Summer Bank Holiday in Great Britain on 27.08.2012 the execution of GBP transactions on that day might be daleyed.

22.08.2012 | 13:12

Technical problems within BRE Bank

Please be informed that due to technical problems within BRE Bank executing transactions on 22.08.2013 might be delayed.

08.08.2012 | 11:26

Terms and Conditions updated

We have published the update on our Terms and Conditions. Be invited to read it at

27.07.2012 | 11:23

Day off from CHF

Please be informed that due to Swiss National Day, executing the CHF transactions on 01.08.2012 might be delayed.

02.07.2012 | 12:53

Day off from USD

Please be informed that due to the Indepedence Day in the USA executing the USD transactions on 04.07.2012 might be delayed.

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