How to send and receive money

Select your currency and account. Then choose your delivery method: email, text message or bank account transfer.

1. Choose transfer mode

Transfer money from your bank account or currency wallet.

2. Select method of delivery

Send a money transfer to a phone, email or directly to the recipient's bank account.

3. Your transfer arrives

Use the code sent via email or text and choose where you would like to receive your money transfer.

Customised ways to send and receive

Send money

From your currency wallet or payment card
  • Select your topped-up currency wallet, debit or credit card.
  • Currency wallet, debit or credit card transactions mean instant money transfers.

From your bank account
  • Order a transaction and transfer the funds to us.
  • Final execution time is dependent on bank processing times.

Receive money

Transfers to your phone or email
  • You receive an email or text with instructions about how to receive money.
  • If you have an account, just accept the transfer from the sender to conclude the transaction.
Transfers to your bank account
  • The transfer will be sent to your bank account by the sender.
  • Your money is sent promptly, but real time transfers can depend on the chosen bank.

How will the recipient get their money?

Your recipient does not need to have an account with us in order to receive a money transfer.

  • If you send money to a bank account, funds will be sent directly to the chosen account.
  • If you send money via email or text, the recipient will receive instructions on how to create an account to easily withdraw funds.

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