Transaction from the currency wallet

This guide will navigate you through currency wallet transactions.


Transactions from the currency wallet

1. In order to execute transactions from the currency wallet, you need to ensure that sufficient funds are available. In order to add funds, see the Currency wallet top-up guide.

2. Once the funds are booked to your currency wallet, select Exchange currency.

3. Select Immediate transaction within currency wallet.

4. This transaction type can be set as default. Once this is done, this step will be skipped for all future transactions.

5. Click ‘Next’.

6. Select the currency you have and the currency you want to buy.

7. Enter the amount you have or the amount to be bought.

8. Check the current exchange rate by clicking ‘Check rate’.

9. The rate can be checked every 15 seconds or the transaction can not be settled, if the rate is not of interest.

10. If you accept the rate and want to complete the transaction, click Execution.

11. The transaction of buying or selling from the currency wallet has been settled.

12. In order to check the balance of the currency wallet, select Currency wallet from the side menu and go to Your currency wallet.


Currency wallet top-up

1. In order to top up your currency wallet, select Currency wallet from the side menu and then go to Currency wallet top-up.

2. Select the required currency to top up the wallet.

3. Select the bank account number from which you wish to transfer the funds.

4. Click Generate transfer details.

5. Log in to your online bank account and make a transfer of the target amount to the selected account. Click ‘Copy’ next to the fields containing the bank details and press Ctrl + V in the appropriate fields. You can also right-click in the field and select ‘Paste’. Proceed as indicated.

6. Keep in mind that the reference number can be used only once. Reusing it might result in a delay when booking the payment.

7. Wait for the funds to be booked in your Currency wallet. You will receive an email or a text message notification once this is done.