Social transactions

This innovative solution allows you to exchange currencies with other registered users, without middlemen or spreads. Now and forever free of charge.

How to start?

We are proud to say that we are the only service on the global market to guarantee a social exchange which is and always will be free of charge and commission. We are committed to our users.


Create a free account at

Registeration is simple and only takes a moment.

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Choose payment method

Add your bank accounts or use other payment methods.

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Top up your Currency Wallet

To create a social transaction, top up your currency wallet.

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Exchange currencies

Set up a transaction with the desired rate and exchange currencies with other users.

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How does it work?

Top up your currency wallet to fund the execution of your social transactions. Then, set the exchange rate to the one you want to convert currencies and wait for the matching offer of another user of our portal.

Top up your Currency Wallet

To order a transaction, you need to top up your currency wallet. To do this, use convenient payment methods.

Set the exchange rate

After funds have been registered, set the rate.

Wait for an offer

Wait for a matching offer from another user. Once your rate is matched, your transaction is complete.

How can you benefit from social transactions?

Affordable transactions

Deal with other users and cut out the middlemen.

Define a desired rate

As a portal user you can set the rates yourself.

Top 20 list

Check the TOP 20 Rates Table, which shows the best rates offered by other users.

Detailed statistics

Get access to statistics, such as the number of offers available and volume of foreign currency bought and sold.


Purchase currency for the repayment of a foreign loan using the favourable rates offered by our community.

26 currencies

26 currencies in the offer, no need to open several currency accounts in banks, which you have to pay for.


Exchange currency even if you have accounts in different banks.

Constant access

Initiate transactions 24h a day, 7 days a week.

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