Social transactions

This innovative solution allows you to exchange currencies with other registered users, without middlemen or spreads. Now and forever free of charge.

What are social transactions?

You exchange currency directly with other portal users. Free of charge and commission.

By dealing with other users, you cut out the middlemen.

You set the desired exchange rate yourself.

Why is it worth it?

Save money by converting currencies without commission or spread. All you need to do is set the exchange rate. Your transaction will be executed when a matching offer from another user appears.

Realization of transactions
24h a day, 7 days a week

Exchange rate
of your choice

Free of charge
and commission

28 currencies in the offer

Direct currency

Why us?

How to start?

Take care of your funds

To order a transaction, you need to have funds in your currency wallet. To top it up, use convenient payment methods.

Set the exchange rate

Set the desired exchange rate.

Wait for an offer

Once your rate is matched, your transaction will be automatically executed.

Social transactions - FAQ

Exchange currencies on your terms

Convert currencies with other portal users, without middlemen or spreads.

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