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08.11.2017 Conotoxia, Inc., of the Cinkciarz Group, received licenses in seven additional states: Alaska, Illinois, North Carolina, Minnesota, Ohio, Texas, Virginia.
28.06.2017 Conotoxia, Inc. received regulatory authorization to conduct money transfer services in 8 additional states: Washington, Oregon, Utah, Kentucky, North Dakota, Nebraska, Michigan and Wyoming.
27.06.2017 Conotoxia enables the use of a currency app for the Universal Windows Platform.
16.06.2017 The Cinkciarz capital group has launched the Conotoxia brand. It allows customers outside of Poland to use Conotoxia.com.
13.06.2017 Cinkciarz’s application has been translated into 35 languages. As a result of this investment, the company's currency exchange services are now available to more than 3 billion people around the world. The new mobile versions have been made available to both Android and iOS users.
31.05.2017 Cinkciarz released the Android Auto app, which gives travellers access to the latest currency analyses.
18.05.2017 Conotoxia Sp. z o.o. joined NACHA’s Payments Innovation Alliance. Membership provides us with the opportunity to help shape and advance the payments industry.
15.05.2017 Cinkciarz was ranked 8th in the List 200 - a ranking of the Wprost weekly magazine, which presents the largest Polish companies. The magazine ranking is comprised of privately-held companies, those controlled by the State Treasury and municipal property.
26.04.2017 Cinkciarz was placed eleventh in the latest ranking of the top 500 companies in Poland by Rzeczpospolita.
25.04.2017 Cinkciarz released the CNTX Orders platform, enabling corporate clients to make currency exchange orders on preferential terms.
20.04.2017 Cinkciarz released the CNTX Trading app dedicated to corporate customers who make sizable currency transactions.
05.04.2017 Cinkciarz subsidiary, Conotoxia, Inc., received new licenses in the states of Connecticut, West Virginia, Tennessee, New Hampshire, Arkansas, Maine, Rhode Island and Oklahoma. Currently, the company is holding 22 US state licenses.
04.04.2017 Conotoxia Sp. z o.o. has joined the European Payments Council (EPC).
15.02.2017 Conotoxia, Inc., a Cinkciarz corporate group company, received licenses in seven additional states, thanks to which it can offer money transfer services in Iowa, Mississippi, Indiana, Arizona, Delaware, Wisconsin and Kansas.
01.02.2017 Cinkciarz has signed on as a Global sponsor of the UEFA European Under-21 Championship™ 2017.
16.01.2017 A Cinkciarz Group company, Conotoxia, Inc. received licenses in six additional states. This will soon allow the citizens of Florida, New Mexico, South Dakota, Alabama, Montana and South Carolina to be able to use the fast, inexpensive and safe money transfer services from Conotoxia, Inc.
04.01.2017 Cinkciarz was awarded with 6 distinctions in the prestigious Bloomberg Rank. The forecasts of the currency exchange company's experts took as many as 2 first places (forecasts for USD/PLN, EUR/UAH), 2 second places (USD/CLP, USD/PEN), and 2 third places (USD/KRW, and the currencies of the Latin America). The rank was prepared by Bloomberg for the fourth quarter of 2016.
24.11.2016 Cinkciarz advanced to 17th place on the ‘List 2000’ – a ranking from the daily newspaper, Rzeczpospolita. Cinkciarz’s position on the list of the 2000 largest companies in Poland is a result of reaching 11.1 billion PLN of sales income. The company took 17th position, leaving behind the likes of Energa SA GK, BP Europa SE and Grupa Azoty SA GK.
14.11.2016 Cinkciarz subsidiary, Conotoxia, Inc., received its first state license to conduct business in the United States. Conotoxia has been approved to operate and offer its money transfer services in the State of Missouri. This is the first milestone for the company’s North American business unit.
04.10.2016 Cinkciarz announced the signing of the partnership agreement with Pogon Szczecin, one of the most renowned team from Polish football league - Ekstraklasa. Multi-year contract grants Cinkciarz the right to, among others, expose its brand at the stadium in Szczecin and on the team's official website.
09.09.2016 Cinkciarz signed an agreement Zaglebie Lubin S.A. The company's logo exposure in the game day publication "Nasze Zaglebie", on the official website of the team and the LED fieldside signages in the stadium in Lubin.
30.08.2016 Cinkciarz signed a sponsorship contract with Wisla Plock. The agreement allows the company to expose its logo during the team's home games and on its official website.
24.08.2016 Cinkciarz singed a long-term contract with the Polish Basketball Association. The contract applies to a sponsorship cooperation between the company and the Men's and Women's Polish National Basketball Teams. The agreement also includes cooperation with the Extended Polish National Basketball Team, the U20 team and the 3x3 Polish National Basketball Team.
16.08.2016 Cinkciarz signed a sponsorship contract with Jagiellonia Bialystok, and in a result gained the title of 'the Official Sponsor of Jagiellonia Bialystok'. The company's logo will be visible during the home games of the team. Cinkciarz will also be visible on the team's official website.
08.08.2016 Cinkciarz signed a multiyear sponsorship deal with one of the most renowned team of the Polish Ekstraklasa, Ruch Chorzow. The company gained the titles: the "Official Sponsor of Ruch Chorzow" and the "Official Foreign Currncy Exchange Partner".
15.07.2016 Cinkciarz released an app for Pebble smartwatches. The piece of software displays the buy and sell rates of any currency from the Cinkciarz's offer paired with the Polish zloty. The app was prepared for two platforms: Basalt (Pebble Time and Time Steel) and Chalk (Pebble Time Round).
27.06.2016 Cinkciarz shared with its users an account held in GBP in the ING Bank in the United Kingdom. Poles living in the UK can now send money to Poland free of charge, fees, and high currency spread.
24.05.2016 Cinkciarz shared new mobile apps. They were developed for the iOS, Windows Phone and Android operating systems. They have improved functionality and intuition.
11.05.2016 Cinkciarz was ranked 9th in the List 200 - a ranking of the Wprost weekly magazine, which presents the largest Polish companies. The magazine ranking is comprised of privately-held companies, those controlled by the State Treasury and municipal property.
05.05.2016 Cinkciarz was ranked 18th in the ‘List 500’, compiled by the daily newspaper Rzeczpospolita and presenting the outcome of the largest Polish companies. The online currency exchange company was also awarded 1st place in the category of private companies with the Polish capital.
09.03.2016 Cinkciarz launched studies on buliding Artificial Intelligence using advanced information technology and supporting the decision-making process regarding currency exchange transactions.
20.02.2016 Cinkciarz announced the signing of the multi-year sponsorship contract with the Polish Basketball League. The agreement grants the company the right to use the titles: the "Official Sponsor of the Tauron Basket Liga" and the "Official Foreign Currency Exchange Partner".
07.01.2016 Cinkciarz was awarded with 13 distinctions in the prestigious Bloomberg Rank. The forecasts of the currency exchange company's experts took as many as 7 first places (forecasts for EUR/GBP, EUR/SEK, USD/SEK, USD/CZK, EUR/UAH, USD/UAH and the currencies of the Persian Gulf), 3 second places (USD/DKK, USD, ISL and the currencies of the Latin America) and 3 third places (USD/ZAR, USD/MXN and USD/BRL). The rank was prepared by Bloomberg for the fourth quarter of 2015.
21.12.2015 Cinkciarz was awarded with the Player of the Year title by the monthly magazine "Forbes". The distinction was presented in the finance category.
16.12.2015 The CEO of Cinkciarz, Marcin Pioro, was awarded the Best Manager of 2015 by Bloomberg Newswire Poland. The choice has been made based on the survey among the top Polish businessmen.
25.11.2015 Cinkciarz introduced an app to the Smart TV Foxxum platform. This means that it is accessible by the owners of Sharp (Europe only), Blaupunkt, Haier, Sigma and Hisense TV sets.
22.10.2015 Cinkciarz has been awarded 26th place in the "List 2000" rank. The rank published by the daily newspaper "Rzeczpospolita" contains the largest Polish companies. The rank "List 2000" is an annual summary of the actvity of Polish companies and exporters.
05.10.2015 Chicago Bulls announced a new longterm sponsorship contract with Cinkciarz, one of the fastest developing companies in Europe. This agreement is the first global partnership contract of the Chicago Bulls team.
30.09.2015 Cinkciarz introduced a new brand to the market: Conotoxia. The company has the payment institution license, thanks to which it will offer payment and currency exchange services on international markets.
24.08.2015 Cinkciarz opened a representative office in Chicago. Location of the company in the United States is placed at 401 North Michigan Avenue near the Chicago River and Lake Michigan.
13.08.2015 Cinkciarz shared an app for Apple Watch. It allows the clients of the company to follow the exchange rates of all the currencies in Cinkciarz’s offer and grants easy access to the rates of the four major currencies (CHF, EUR, USD, GBP) on the main screen. The information displayed on the watch is updated every 15 seconds.
31.07.2015 Cinkciarz shared an app for LG Smart TV. After Samsung Smart TV, this is yet another piece of software dedicated to the television sets from the FX company. It allows using the currency converter, checking the current exchange rates offered by Cinkciarz and becoming acquainted with the daily analysis.
23.06.2015 Cinkciarz has launched an app for smartwatch devices running on the Android Wear operating system. It will display the current rates of three personally selected currencies.
15.05.2015 Cinkciarz was placed 27th in the rank of the largest Polish companies and 2nd in the category of private companies with Polish capital in the 'Rzeczpospolita's List 500'.
09.04.2015 Conotoxia Sp. z o.o., the company from the same capital group as Cinkciarz, has been granted a Payment Institution licence. Cinkciarz Sp. z o.o. acts on behalf and for Conotoxia Sp. z o.o., with which it has signed an agent agreement.
24.03.2015 Cinkciarz and Polkomtel, a mobile network provider for Plus, signed a contract. The devices, offered to the clients of the network, will have a mobile Cinkciarz app pre-installed and will come along with the discount code which lowers the amount due for the currency exchange transactions.
04.03.2015 Cinkciarz signed a contract with KPMG, one of the largest audit companies in the world. It will conduct two audits for Cinkciarz: an IT one and a financial one. The goal is to obtain two certificates: PCI DSS and Impartial Auditor Report corresponding to the ISAE3000 standard.
09.02.2015 Cinkciarz prolonged the sponsorship contract with the basketball team Stelmet Zielona Gora. The contract has been signed for 3.5 years. The Cinkciarz logo will appear on the team's kit.
30.10.2014 Cinkciarz signed a sponsorship contract with MKS Cracovia, the oldest Polish football club.
28.10.2014 Cinkciarz has been awarded 28th place in the rank published by the Polish daily newspaper "Rzeczpospolita" of the most important companies and exporters in Poland.
27.10.2014 We are one of the first financial companies in the world to develop Glassware for Google Glass™.
03.10.2014 Our forecasts for currency pairs: CZK/EUR and ZAR/USD have been awarded the most accurate in the world in Bloomberg's rank. The forecasts for GBP/USD have also found themselves among the world's top and have been recognised as the world's second most accurate.
11.08.2014 Cinkciarz provides its customers with the possibility of sending money to a UK account in the Bank of America.
03.07.2014 Cinkciarz and Manta have signed a partnership contract which includes promotional actions of both companies.
21.05.2014 The Cinkciarz representatives took part in the proceedings of the Polish Sport Round Table.
23.04.2014 Cinkciarz in 30th place on the List 500 by Rzeczpospolita. Our company found itself among the largest companies which were developing the fastest.
01.04.2014 Cinkciarz launched new international helpline numbers. Now contacting the helpline is cheaper and more accessible to foreign clients in 55 countries of the world.
30.01.2014 Cinkciarz has been announced the Official Sponsor of the Polish National Football Team. Our company will support the Polish National Team until July 2018, during the qualifying competitions for Euro 2016 and World Cup 2018.
23.01.2014 Cinkciarz is now among the sponsors of the basketball team Stelmet Zielona Gora. The FX company has been announced the team's Official Technical Sponsor for the 2013/2014 season.
20.12.2013 Cinkciarz has been enriched with six new language versions. German, Russian, Bulgarian, Italian, Romanian and Ukrainian joined the Polish and English versions.
03.12.2013 Cinkciarz is proud to be the first in Poland to introduce an app for Samsung Smart TV. Moreover, it has expanded the BlackBerry app and the Windows 8 app.
10.10.2013 Our EUR/PLN prognosis have been awarded first place in the world for four consecutive quarters in Bloomberg’s rank Best EMEA Currency Forecasters Q3 2013.
07.10.2013 Cinkciarz sent money from all over the world into space. The currency returned safe and sound.
04.10.2013 Cinkciarz is the first Polish financial service business in the historical City of London.
02.10.2013 Cinkciarz added eleven currencies to its offer: Bulgarian lev (BGN), Chinese yuan (CNY), Latvian lat (LVL), Croatian kuna (HRK), Romanian leu (RON), South African rand (ZAR), Hong Kong dollar (HKD), Mexican peso (MXN), New Zealand dollar (NZD), Singapore dollar (SGD) oraz Lithuanian litas (LTL).
08.08.2013 We joined the SWIFT organisation. Along with the cooperation of Krajowa Izba Rozliczeniowa, we have started the phase of integration with the advanced security system.
03.07.2013 Cinkciarz has successfully completed the financial, organizational and IT audit, for the following years: 2010-2012, delivered by Grant Thornton Frackowiak sp. z o.o. sp. k. - one of the leading auditors and advisors in Poland, a member of the global organisation Grant Thornton International Ltd.
01.07.2013 Cinkciarz became one of the suppliers of data and market analyses to the Bloomberg market data platform, a global leading data provider to the financial and business professionals.
06.06.2013 Cinkciarz introduced the payment order option, which saves its clients time and money. Additionally, Cinkciarz introduced the web browser extension, which uses autocomplete for filling in a PLN transfer.
11.04.2013 Cinkciarz launched free-of-charge apps for iOS and Windows Phone operating systems.
12.02.2013 Cinkciarz introduced the HalCash system, which enables the withdrawal of funds from a Cinkciarz.p account at over 4000 ATMs.
07.02.2013 Cinkciarz launched a free app for the Android operating system.
06.12.2012 Cinkciarz launched bank service provisions by Inteligo Bank, Volkswagen Bank, and Bank Polskiej Spoldzielczosci.
13.11.2012 Cinkciarz launched bank service provisions by Credit Agricole and BOS.
08.11.2012 Cinkciarz introduced a new model of exchanging currencies – social transactions, which enables currency exchange between Cinkciarz’s users without intermediaries and spreads. Always and forever, charge and commission free!
25.10.2012 We introduced the English version of Cinkciarz.
17.10.2012 Cinkciarz launched bank service provisions by BNP Paribas.
26.09.2012 Cinkciarz launched bank service provisions by Deutsche Bank.
07.09.2012 Cinkciarz made the most competitive rates available 24/7 for transactions from the currency wallet.
29.08.2012 Cinkciarz launched a mobile version.
28.08.2012 Cinkciarz launched bank service provisions by two new banks: ING Bank Slaski and Alior Sync.
06.08.2012 Cinkciarz introduced a new model of foreign currency exchange - the currency wallet. It enables currency conversion within less than 10 seconds.
01.08.2012 Cinkciarz became one of 10 finalists of the Dobry Wzor (Good Design) 2012 contest.
25.05.2012 The Polish Patent Office granted a right for protection for the trademark Cinkciarz.
02.04.2012 We have provided a standing order for the currency exchange with a discount of 9%, so that customers are given a 9% discount for the last transaction of the order.
16.03.2012 Cinkciarz contributed 11 584.00 PLN to the Polish charity organisation - Wielka Orkiestra Swiatecznej Pomocy.
08.03.2012 Cinkciarz extended, by 1.5h, the time in whichthey offer the most competitive foreign currency exchange rates (from 8:00 to 17:00 UTC+1).
26.01.2012 Cinkciarz opened accounts in thirteen new banks: Alior Bank, BGZ, DnB Nord, Kredyt Bank, Meritum, Millenium, Nordea, PEKAO, Polbank EFG and Getin Bank (via which it serves Getin Online, Noble Bank, Idea Bank, and Open Finance).
20.10.2011 Cinkciarz received the Polish prize, Laur Klienta (Laurels from Clients), in the category Odkrycie roku (Discovery of the Year) 2011.
24.08.2011 As the first FX technology company in Poland, Cinkciarz introduced currency cards.
10.08.2011 Cinkciarz launched text message alerts.
24.06.2011 Cinkciarz introduced currency alerts to ensure transactions can be executed at the desired rate.
17.06.2011 Cinkciarz enabled exchange of currencies via foreign accounts in foreign banks.
14.05.2011 Cinkciarz launched the Last Minute service, which gives theopportunity to get better rates than those quoted in the currency buy/sell table.
15.12.2010 Cinkciarz launched trading in the following currencies: Hungarian forint (HUF), Turkish lira (TRY) and Russian ruble (RUB).
15.11.2010 Cinkciarz added eleven currencies to its offer: euro (EUR), U.S. dollar (USD), British pound (GBP), Swiss franc (CHF), Czech crown (CZK), Japanese yen (JPY), Swedish krona (SEK), Norwegian krone (NOK), Danish crown (DKK), Australian dollar (AUD) and Canadian dollar (CAD).
15.11.2010 Cinkciarz is available to everyone.
01.02.2008 We made the service available for use by selected clients of traditional high street currency shops of Cinkciarz.
16.01.2007 We acquired the Cinkciarz domain.
01.09.2006 We started developing Cinkciarz.
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