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Mortgages for a bank? Not a gold mine (discussion about the franc)

Author: wyborcza.pl
Address: http://wyborcza.pl/Hipoteki_dla_banku__To_nie_sa_zyly_zlota
Published: 04.02.2015

I wouldn't think of all debts as the same, even if they're connected by a common currency. If somebody is having a hard time finding a job and bought housing during the property boom when the Swiss franc was 2 PLN then obviously the problem is serious. In this situation the creditor, meaning the bank, should reconsider the debtor's position. It is probably an extreme scenario. I think that many people repaying loans in the Swiss currency have improved their financial situation over the past few years and higher installments should not be a dramatic threat to the domestic budget.

Marcin Lipka, Cinkciarz.pl analyst

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