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Every Tuesday: Krzysztof Stanowski

Author: weszlo.com
Address: http://www.weszlo.com/Jak_co_wtorek_Krzysztof_Stanowski
Published: 18.03.2014

Cinkciarz.pl is not a standing out company just thanks to its name. It is in fact a golden example of how the proper marketing - as the name is strictly an element of marketing - can decide whether a business is successful or not. It is a careless writing or maybe even a proof for intellectual deficiencies to depreciate the company through picking on its - excellent - name. (...) It is unprecedential, how some may make fun of the business which was built from scratch, the company from Poland, which has an annual turnover of 8 billion zlotys. How some may mock the word used as a name without deeper understanding, that the word itself was a base of great success.

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