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Cinkciarz.pl: currency rates on a smartwatch

Author: komputerswiat.pl
Address: http://www.komputerswiat.pl/nowosci/aplikacje/cinkciarzpl-kursy-walut-na-smartwatchu
Published: 23.06.2015

Cinkciarz.pl, the mobile app of the online currency exchange company, has just conquered Android Wear watches.

Version 1.2.8 of the app by the FX company Cinkciarz.pl brings currency rates to Android Wear smartwatches. Up until now, the app supported smartphones and tablets running on Android.

The app displays the rates of three selected currencies on the watch. The data is sent from a smartphone and updated online every hour. The less patient can refresh currency rates on demand.

This is not the first hi-tech success we have seen from Cinkciarz.pl. The company has already developed its financial app for Google Glass.

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